West Control Solutions: MAXVU temperature controller

Name *: West Control Solutions: MAXVU temperature controller
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The MAXVU temperature controller is suitable for packaging tray and bag sealers, textile applications, and processes in the food and beverage sector. The controller’s start-up configuration menu only shows the most vital parameters, including sensor types, units, outputs, alarms, and set-point values, reducing time spent scrolling through unnecessary options.

The device has a large display and a button design on the 1/16 DIN product, with the buttons at the left and right of the digits on the keypad, allowing a 0.7-in (18-mm) upper digit and 0.4-in (10.2-mm) lower digit height in a 1.8-in (48-mm) high device. The larger digits give increased clarity and visibility from a distance for viewing vital process information and alarm messages.

URL*:  www.west-cs.com
Date Submitted*:  4/4/2016