United Electric Controls: HART 7 transmitters

Name *: United Electric Controls: HART 7 transmitters
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The One series 1XTXSW HART-capable transmitters have programmable switching functionality for industrial process monitoring applications. The transmitters integrate HART 7-compatible 4-20 mA output and two solid-state programmable relays for monitoring temperature or pressure in safety, alarm, and emergency shutdown applications.

End users deploying a HART communication network can add switches to the list of field assets in their predictive maintenance strategy and reduce routine inspections and unplanned shutdowns. Typical electromechanical switches are blind and cannot alert workers that something is amiss with the device. Combining HART and smart diagnostics in the device, workers can manage all their instrumentation assets-including switches-using a centralized asset management solution. By focusing on only the devices with problems, time is not wasted on healthy devices.

These smart transmitters also include the company's "I am working" discrete diagnostic output for remote monitoring from a PLC or DCS. A large backlit display shows process values, set-point programming, and health and switch status notifications, all at about half the cost of a traditional process control transmitter.

Industrial sensors monitor temperature or pressure abnormalities by comparing the process conditions with preprogrammed set points in a PLC or DCS controller. The controller actuates external relays, which accordingly switch devices on or off for safety, alarm, and shutdown functions. The One series 1XTXSW hybrid transmitter-switch replaces a gauge, a switch, and a transmitter, requiring only one connection to the process. It reduces costs and potential media leaks while increasing reliability.

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Date Submitted*:  6/6/2016