Quintex: Hazardous area temperature controller

Name *: Quintex: Hazardous area temperature controller
Description *: 

The EXTC 100 hazardous area thermostat with a flameproof Ex d enclosure can be fully controlled via an infrared remote control without having to open or switch off the unit. This gives the user full flexibility to operate and adjust process or maintenance temperatures when it is switched on or energized, exactly matching site conditions and set parameters.

A common problem for electronic-type controllers located in hazardous areas is adjusting and setting the temperature and alarm points. Adjustment normally requires the power supply to be switched-off before opening the flameproof enclosure housing, which then makes accurate setting on site nearly impossible. Having to remove the complete unit to a safe area before making adjustments and then reinstalling is not acceptable. The controller is controlled and adjusted by an intrinsically safe remote-control infrared beam. All settings are securely kept and stored, only accessible via a four-digit password.

All settings are fully legible through a large inspection window with the operating and actual temperature set points displayed simultaneously. In addition, either a high- or low-temperature alarm point can be preset for remote monitoring.

Electric trace heating circuits can be directly connected and operated via the 16A switching capacity of the SPST contacts. Not only is this hazardous area thermostat used for electric trace heating circuits, it is also suited for other process, thermostatic, and heating-control applications that require quick site adjustments and operation.

URL*:  www.quintex.eu/en
Date Submitted*:  4/4/2016