ProComSol: HART communicator app

Name *: ProComSol: HART communicator app
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The company released a major update to its DevComDroid app, an Android-based smart-device communicator application for HART instruments. The app uses the device descriptor (DD) for the connected HART device, so the user has full access to every parameter and method. The app, in combination with a Bluetooth HART modem, is a full-functioned HART communicator. The entire DD library from the FieldComm group is included, and users can add new DDs. A HART communicator that uses DDs can perform full configurations of valves, multivariable devices, and complex devices, such as radar level and Coriolis flowmeters.

DevComDroid allows the user to view and edit device parameters and save all the device parameters as a PDF. The file can then be shared via the mobile network connections in an Android device.

Date Submitted*:  6/6/2016