Mangan SLM Process Safety Management Software

Name *: Mangan SLM Process Safety Management Software
Description *: 
SLM is a cloud-based Process Safety Management software product that simplifies, standardizes and executes good engineering practices surrounding the management of the SIS Lifecycle. This comprehensive software uses the SLM core database system and modularizes all of your compliance processes and engineering practices, from HAZOP and LOPA to SIL Calculations to Asset Integrity Management. Its easily configurable interface and workflows ensure that SLM is in alignment with your standards and practices and not vice-versa. The SLM core database can be integrated with any of your existing systems, allowing you to instantly access and update relevant process safety information, data and documentation. The workflows, reports and KPI's in SLM gives engineers the tools to improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and validate the performance of their safety systems.
Date Submitted*:  8/17/2015