Fluke: HART calibration assistant

Name *: Fluke: HART calibration assistant
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The 154 HART calibration assistant is a standalone tablet-based communication tool for HART configuration. The 154 provides HART communication functionality. When combined with a 750 series documenting process calibrator or 720 series multifunction process calibrator, the user can calibrate the full range of HART devices used in the process industry.

The Android-based tablet comes configured with the FlukeHART mobile app that uses a long-range wireless HART modem, which connects to the HART transmitter being tested or configured. Technicians can wirelessly communicate with the device up to 250 feet away, eliminating the need for them to stand next to the device. They can work from a safer, more convenient location.

The 154 has full HART device description (DD) support of all HART devices and can monitor PV, SV, TV, QV, and other measured HART variables. Quarterly DD updates can be downloaded free from the company’s website for three years from the first use of the product.

The calibration assistant includes a configurable connection cable that accepts either hook clips for connecting to wires or extended tooth alligator clips designed to connect to transmitter connection screw heads. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for several days of device testing and configuration under normal conditions.

URL*:  www.fluke.com
Date Submitted*:  6/6/2016