Emerson Process Management: Rosemount wireless pressure gauge

Name *: Emerson Process Management: Rosemount wireless pressure gauge
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The Rosemount wireless pressure gauge enables staff to remotely collect field data, keeping operators updated about changing field conditions and improving personnel safety by reducing manual operator rounds and field exposure. Mechanical gauges are plagued with quality and reliability issues. These issues are commonly associated with overpressure, vibration, corrosion, extreme temperatures, and accidental damage. Additionally, mechanical gauges are unable to communicate a device status.

The pressure gauges use piezoresistive sensor technology to deliver reliable pressure readings. With the flexibility to accommodate changing process conditions, the gauges also give up to 150 times more overpressure protection than traditional gauges. The field environment is safer with two layers of process isolation.

Bourdon tube gauges have traditionally been a mainstay for taking pressure readings in the field, but are limited to visual indication of process conditions when an operator is present. Bourdon tubes also use moving parts, which can break or wear over time due to use and vibration, causing inaccurate readings or the process to spill.

The wireless pressure gauge eliminates common weak points by removing the components that inhibit the device from reporting and displaying pressure. It has up to a 10-year life, which reduces maintenance costs and time. The 4.5-inch gauge face provides visibility in the field.
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Date Submitted*:  10/5/2016