Name *: AutoSol CryptoMod
Description *: 

AutoSol's CryptoMod is a small security appliance with specialized firmware dedicated to encrypting and decrypting messages exchanged between the SCADA host and remote field instruments that perform control, surveillance, data acquisition, and utility metering of geographically distributed assets. The CryptoMod provides an auditable, encrypted path of communication to secure front-end devices for critical and sensitive control and metering field instruments - regardless of their protocol or communication method.  Developed specifically for industrial application, the CryptoMod is designed to be integrated into SCADA systems while being transparent to legacy software

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Communications Network Security - common desktop or ad hoc security approaches don't have deep enough knowledge of the security of the entire communication system to effectively mitigate threats. CryptoMod® and its associated software protects paths of communication to and from devices with encryption and decryption to both pass data and talk to the device.
  • Physical Device Security - field Installation includes capability to monitor and report compromise of the device itself.
  • Flexibility - CryptoMod® tightly integrates with AutoSol's software suite, or can be independently installed as a stand-alone device with included configuration software.

Date Submitted*:  4/7/2016