AutoSol Communication Manager

Name *: ACM – AutoSol Communication Manager
Description *: 

AutoSol Communication Manager, ACM, is a multi-protocol OPC communication server used for SCADA & Measurement and AMR.  Traditionally focused on supporting gas flow computers, ACM supports a diverse library of native protocols for RTU’s and measurement devices by major suppliers, such as Emerson (ROC & Bristol), Schneider (SCADAPack), ABB (TotalFlow), Honeywell (Mercury Instruments), as well as many others.  ACM also supports an assorted variety of PLC’s such as GE and Allen Bradley.  

ACM is capable of retrieving real-time and historical/archive data from these remote field instruments, in most cases, utilizing the native protocols which help to extend the useful life of SCADA & Measurement systems while optimizing communication in legacy field devices.  Hourly, daily, alarms & events logs are then able to be archived to CSV, database or EFM Validation (Flow-Cal or PGas).    

ACM has two versions available:  (1) ACM, which is the full version that supports real-time and archive data retrieval. (2) For those customers that are focused on collecting real-time data only, we offer ACM SCADA.

With approximately 415,000 devices utilizing AutoSol OPC products, AutoSol is an authority in SCADA & Measurement communications.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Remote Configuration – users can configure the system from multiple locations, including the addition or removal of devices, while the system remains running and fully operational.
  • Role-based security – Grant or deny specific users the permission to perform configuration actions.
  • Configuration Audit Trail – auditing capability tracks who makes changes and when those changes are made to the SCADA/EFM system. In addition to safety and security of critical (and potentially vulnerable) infrastructure, an audit trail is a third pillar of the ability of SCADA/EFM/AMR systems to meet legislated (e.g. U.S. – Sorbanes Oxley) requirements for corporate accountability.
  • Multi-client Configuration – multiple users can work simultaneously on configuration of the system.
  • Multi-object Editing – Applications can get big – with thousands of devices. The configuration of large groups of devices can be changed with a single command instead of changing one device at a time, saving hours of work.
  • Polling Priorities – SCADA (control) and EFM (metering) are multi-mission, with different goals but use of the same network. ACM has the flexibility to prioritize different types of polls and commands based on their importance.
  • Port Queue Viewer – allows users the ability to view requests due to poll as well as a transactional history on a per port basis
  • Flow-Cal Interface for Gas Quality Download – ACM supports writing gas quality information from Flow-Cal to field devices.
  • Flow-Cal – ACM supports the export of data to the Flow-Cal gas and liquid CFX file formats.
  • PGAS – ACM supports the export of data to the PGAS xml file format.

Date Submitted*:  3/15/2016