May 6, 2020

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Blurring the boundaries between design and automation

By Noam Ribon and Colm Gavin

Commissioning a new production machine, station, line, or system is a crucial phase of a project. It demonstrates whether the overall system—consisting of mechanics, electrical systems, and automation—will operate as planned. Unplanned behavior can quickly lead to delays and high costs. Virtual commissioning can greatly reduce this risk.Read more

Drive financial outcomes with Measurement IQ for Gas

Read ARC Advisory Group’s verdict on Measurement IQ for Gas – how it can help reduce meter inaccuracy that costs the industry millions every year. Cut the costs of maintenance by reducing the need for site visits and moving to predictive maintenance; and even safely extend recalibration periods.
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Get the free tool that empowers you to manage your assets better

Honeywell’s Asset Lifecycle Health Assessment tool is a free web portal giving terminal, gas and modular systems customers the power to rapidly assess the health of their installed base of Honeywell equipment and products.
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Predicting the future . . . day by day

By Renee Bassett

Everything from social interaction to industrial operations are being disrupted in unprecedented ways, and whatever is happening today is unlikely to be the same next week or next month.Read More

Alarm management questions that everyone asks

By Donald G. Dunn and Nicholas P. Sands, PE, CAP

Understanding and implementing effective alarm management brings many operational benefits. This article highlights common questions and answers to help you understand alarm management. Read more

Reliable Remote Solutions for unreliable times

Honeywell is offering 30-day free access to several remote solutions and services to minimize the impact on your business during these unprecedented economic times. Now you can overcome unpredictable situations and efficiently handle your business remotely, while working from anywhere.

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Improve business efficiency with Honeywell OEM Program

Honeywell OEM Program is one of the industry’s most comprehensive support programs for process OEMs. Developed to improve business bottom line using a structured engagement model, the program delivers unique cost and sustainability benefits.

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Books And Manuals


ISA book outlines a pathway to improved plant floor productivity, efficiency


By describing the implementation and use of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) through an operations-focused approach, the book aims to help manufacturing engineers improve plant floor efficiency and productivity.Read more

Start-up Guide

ISA publishes third edition of Start-Up: A Technician’s Guide


The International Society of Automation (ISA) announced the third edition release of Start-Up: A Technician’s Guide, a best-practice handbook to help control system technicians meet the high-pressure demands and fast-emerging challenges of getting new plants and new plant systems up and running. Read more


Solving big data problems with a little data approach

By Derek Thomas

Big data projects seem to call for big and complex solutions, but a large-scale approach often fails due to high costs and excessive implementation time. A better way is to begin with targeted efforts for analyzing little data to create insights, creating value and building momentum. Read more

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ISA5: Documentation is more than symbols


By Ian Verhappen

Change in technology is one of the drivers in updating international standards. Technology has also changed the way standards committees work, with almost all development now done using web conferencing tools. The only requirements to being able to assist are some of your time and a willingness to share knowledge. Read more

ISA Training

With all the advances in automation technology and the rise of digitalization, it’s important for automation professionals to remain on the cutting edge of these innovations. ISA continues to offer the latest courses and online training opportunities, on everything from process instrumentation and cybersecurity best practices, in order to help professionals advance in their career while providing continued value to their employers and facilities. Click here to browse the ISA training opportunities.