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March 2020

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Cyber-related process hazard analysis

By Larry O’Brien and Mark Duck

There is still much to learn about the intersection of cybersecurity and safety. This requires collaboration between both communities for the continued protection of assets, people, and communities in today’s challenging cybersecurity environment. Read more

Drive financial outcomes with Measurement IQ for Gas

Read ARC Advisory Group’s verdict on Measurement IQ for Gas – how it can help reduce meter inaccuracy that costs the industry millions every year. Cut the costs of maintenance by reducing the need for site visits and moving to predictive maintenance; and even safely extend recalibration periods.
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Get the free tool that empowers you to manage your assets better

Honeywell’s Asset Lifecycle Health Assessment tool is a free web portal giving terminal, gas and modular systems customers the power to rapidly assess the health of their installed base of Honeywell equipment and products.
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How has ISA changed your professional life?

By Renee Bassett

Throughout the six issues of InTech magazine in 2020, but especially in our September/October 75th Anniversary Commemorative Issue, we will celebrate and reminisce and look toward the future. We will ask volunteer leaders to share their insights, and ask the people working to transform industrial automation within or adjacent to ISA to help identify the trends shaping automation Read More

Analytics for predictive, preventative maintenance

By Michael Risse

We are nearing the end of an era defined by on-premise data collection and spreadsheet-based analytics as the next generation of predictive, engineer-led, and timely analytics replaces the status quo. Using advanced analytics, insights will be shared to enable the required collaboration among experts within a single process plant and across an entire organization. Read more

Start Turning Data into Business Value

Are you under pressure to optimize operations, often needing to accomplish more with fewer resources? The good news is, help is available. Lean how to: learn how to:

  1. Use smart industrial transmitters
  2. Gain better total cost of ownership
  3. Eliminate unplanned downtime

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Learn how you can unleash productivity with Chamber IQ

Discover how you can improve responsiveness, efficiency and downtime from your chamber-based process systems with UDC Controllers, using Chamber IQ from Honeywell.

  1. Monitor real-time and trending data,
  2. Manage insights that drive smarter decisions,
  3. Get ahead of trouble and maximize uptime.

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Inside ISA


2019 Excellence In Automation Award Winner - ILBOC!


Iberian Lube Base Oil Company, S. A. (ILBOC), has won the 2019 ISA100 Wireless Excellence in Automation award. In so doing they join a list of distinguished end users which include BAPCO, Alcoa, Phillips 66, PETRONAS, NIPPON STEELE & SUMIKIN ENGINEERING. Read more


ISA publishes third edition of Start-Up: A Technician’s Guide


The International Society of Automation (ISA) announced the third edition release of Start-Up: A Technician’s Guide, a best-practice handbook to help control system technicians meet the high-pressure demands and fast-emerging challenges of getting new plants and new plant systems up and running. Read more

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Traceability improves food and beverage production


By Steve Winski

As food safety becomes more and more a concern, the ability to track products within a facility is of vital importance to manufacturers and consumers. Read more

ISA Events

The International Society of Automation has a compelling slate of events scheduled for 2020, delivering expert insights and industrial networking surrounding a number of crucial industry topics. From the 2020 ISA IIoT & Smart Manufacturing Conference in Texas to the 2020 ISA Analysis Division Symposium (AD) in California, ISA will span the country hosting opportunities for professionals to hear expert insights on the latest trends and share real world experiences with their colleagues and friends. Click here to browse the 2020 ISA event schedule.