June 5, 2020

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Overcoming challenges to digital transformation

By Travis Cox

With all the modern technologies and methods available, development and deployment can be faster than ever. With a “digital-first” mindset, we can think beyond the traditional SCADA systems, and focus harder on getting more data to more people throughout the enterprise.Read more

Complicated implementation projects are a thing of the past

We combine digital services with the technologies of industrial production facilities. Learn how Endress+Hauser’s Netilion IIoT platform allows intelligent and networked applications to be realized in your plant.
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What are the types of industrial maintenance and how can IIoT help?

How can IIoT services fit into each type of industrial maintenance? And how do you get to predictive maintenance in your plant? Find answers to these questions and more by checking out this informative article.
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Safe way to learn, connect, grow professionally

By Renee Bassett

Preparing for a new normal is something that the staff and volunteers at the International Society of Automation are working on every day. The most exciting news involves our plans for virtual conferences. Read More

Simplifying the IIoT technology stack

By Josh Eastburn

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) means different things to different people. End users from all sorts of industries and businesses incorporate IIoT elements to realize value in ways that suit their unique needs. Read more

How can field service technicians use IIoT and implement it?

The explanations of new IIoT trends and the associated technology are often too theoretical, making it hard to make the connection to field reality. If you are a field service technician, how can these technologies help you on a daily basis?

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Simplify your purchasing process

How much time does it take to get quotes and complete purchases when you’re working on a project? Endress.com simplifies your processes by combining online purchasing convenience with personalized support.

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Inside ISA


New Guide to Cybersecurity Standards: ISA Introduces an Overview of the ISA/IEC 62443 Series


The International Society of Automation (ISA) and the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance have released a new guide to the world’s only consensus-based automation cybersecurity standards.Read more


New ISA book outlines a pathway to improved plant floor productivity, efficiency


By describing the implementation and use of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) through an operations-focused approach, a new ISA book aims to help manufacturing engineers improve plant floor efficiency, quality, and productivity. Read more


Business transformation through digitalization

By Victor VenĂ¢ncio

If possible, organizations should use external knowledge sources in a collaborative manner by tapping the key skills of expert business and technology companies, startups, universities, and other institutions to help them undertake this journey.Read more

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To autonomy and beyond!


By Tsuyoshi “Ted” Abe

Plant assets and operations can be upgraded with learning and adaptive capabilities to provide automatic responses with minimal human interaction, freeing and empowering operators and other plant personnel to perform higher-level optimization tasks. Read more

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