January 2020

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January 2019

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Industrial 5G: The future is now

By Renee Bassett

Failure to calibrate instrumentation can negatively affect performance, while calibrating too frequently can result in excessive costs without providing any benefits. The question is, how do you determine if calibration is needed? Read more

Leveraging IIoT to Reduce Unplanned Downtime

In the process industry, one of the most important, yet often overlooked assets, are control valves. Without reliable control valve operation, most processes quickly become uncontrollable leading to unplanned downtime.
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Energy Company Transforms Data into Insights

Oil and Gas exploration and production companies generate huge volumes of data. Learn how Devon Energy implemented advanced data historian and analytics technologies to transform all this data into actionable insights that support data-driven decisions.
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Automation War Stories--Lessons Learned from the Field

Top four things you need to conquer cybersecurity

By Lisa Richter

Cyber attackers who evade perimeter security may spy, spread, and steal, unhindered by the insufficient internal access controls. Here are four tips for proactive companies looking to step up to the challenge and create a cybersecurity program. Read More

Optimization algorithm selection for process applications

By R. Russell Rhinehart

Whether it be to design a process that minimizes capital or maximizes material conversion, to choose operating conditions that maximize throughput or minimize waste, to tune a controller that minimizes rise time, or to determine a future control sequence that minimizes deviation from the set point while avoiding a constraint, optimization seeks to find the best. Read more

Advanced Analytics for the Chemical Industry

Challenge: Chemical-production facilities know that evolution and agility are the keys to success. Change requires collaborative, rapid insights into the data and systems that impact production efficiency and, therefore, bottom-line results.
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Finally, Analytics Dedicated to Process Data

In the current hype around predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science, what’s missing are solutions to the real challenges to an analytics-driven organization. Address the challenges of continuous and batch process manufacturing analytics.
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Inside ISA


ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance announces 23 organizations as new members heading into 2020


ISAGCA is organized into four general focus areas for cybersecurity including: Awareness & Outreach; Compliance & Prevention; Education & Training; and Advocacy & Adoption. Read more


International Society of Automation and University of Akron Team Up to Offer Cybersecurity Courses


ISA and the University of Akron have entered into a workforce training agreement to offer the ISA IEC62443 Cybersecurity Training and Certificate program in Akron. Read more

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Integrating production planning using APC and other technologies


By Simon Rogers

Automated multivariable control has obvious benefits over manual multivariable control, just like closing any loop. Benefits come in timeliness and consistency of action, reliability of constraint control, and maximizing optimized operation to the extent possible. Read more

ISA Events

The International Society of Automation has a compelling slate of events scheduled for 2020, delivering expert insights and industrial networking surrounding a number of crucial industry topics. From the 2020 ISA IIoT & Smart Manufacturing Conference in Texas to the 2020 ISA Analysis Division Symposium (AD) in California, ISA will span the country hosting opportunities for professionals to hear expert insights on the latest trends and share real world experiences with their colleagues and friends. Click here to browse the 2020 ISA event schedule.