June 2019

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Industrial Process Operation 4.0

By Martin Hollender, PhD

Digitalization, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are some examples of rapidly developing areas of technology that will have a big impact on how industrial processes will operate in the future. Previously isolated control rooms become networked control centers for the Industry 4.0 high-performance work force. Read more

Devon Energy Transforms Data into Insights

Oil and Gas exploration and production companies generate huge volumes of data. Learn how Devon Energy implemented advanced data historian and analytics technologies to transform all this data into actionable insights that support data-driven decisions.
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IIoT-Enabled Remote Monitoring Improves Performance

Industrial IoT-enabled predictive maintenance services are becoming increasingly attractive for manufacturers and other industrial organizations. This report explains why and how, and includes three case stories.
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The changing role of the control system engineer – Advanced technology and control system basics

By Michael McEnery, McEnery Automation

The next time you start to stress about a new version of an HMI or a just-released series of I/O modules, take a step back and make sure you are also acquiring knowledge about how the equipment you are controlling actually operates. And how it can operate better. Read More

Vibration monitoring and analysis boosts data insights

By Sree Swarna Gutta, Beckhoff Automation

Engineers can implement new IIoT and Industry 4.0 principles in their manufacturing processes without adding another layer to their control platform, while alleviating the effects of the skilled labor shortage through a simplified engineering environment. Read more

Get More Value from Your OSIsoft PI Data

Rapidly investigate and share insights with OSIsoft and Seeq. Search your data, add context, cleanse, model, find patterns, establish boundaries, monitor assets, collaborate in real time, and interact with time series data like never before.
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Finally, analytics dedicated to process data

In the current hype around predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science, what’s missing are solutions to the real challenges to an analytics-driven organization. Address the challenges of continuous and batch process manufacturing analytics with Seeq.
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Inside ISA

2019 ISA PIC

ISA’s 2019 Process Industry Conference to focus on the latest automation and manufacturing technologies


The best and brightest minds in the process industries will return to Houston this fall to present solutions to the most pressing challenges in energy processing and process manufacturing. Read more


All-new ISA Energy & Water Automation Conference focuses on infrastructure challenges and opportunities


Conference program leverages historical events focused on power generation, municipal water to encourage collaboration between industry sectors.Read more

Test Your Knowledge! ISA Certification Review


The proper method for field mounting an instrument, connecting it to the process, and positioning it for proper operation would most likely be found on the:


B. instrument index

C. process flow diagram

D. installation detail drawing

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In a thin client (distributed) HMI architecture, the data is typically presented on the client PC via the use of:

A. Client software loaded on the client PC in a special directory

B. Web browser or automatically-loaded applet

C. SQL query builder

D. Microsoft Office applications

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Digitalization delivers value

By Duncan Micklem, KBM

Digitalization creates and sustains competitive advantage and is one of the key strategies a plant can adopt in pursuit of operational excellence. Despite this, many in the industry still remain confused or irritated by digitalization. Read more


Mobile apps are handy tools when you’re on the go. We have compiled a list of apps that are recommended by our members as being time- and effort-saving resources for automation professionals. Included in the list are engineering calculators and apps for reviewing AutoCAD drawings, as well as apps for specialized tasks, such as heat transfer calculation and decoding a Rockwell programmable logic controller (PLC) status light meaning. Click here for cool tools