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Rick Zabel 
Group Publisher
+1 919-990-9233

Renee Bassett
Chief Editor
+1 919-990-9250

Bill Lydon
Contributing Editor

Jack Smith
Contributing Editor

Lynn DeRocco
Production Editor

Sales Representatives

Richard Simpson 
Account Executive
+1 919-414-7395

Chris Nelson 
Account Executive 
+1 919-990-9265

Gina DiFrancesco
Account Executive
+1 216-509-0592


2024 Media Planner


For high-quality, four-color reprints of any InTech article, contact Mossberg & Company:
Nathan Swailes
+1 574-216-4673

Publications Vice President

Joao Miguel Bassa
Independent Consultant

Publications Vice President-Elect

Nicholas Sands

Editorial Advisory Board

Joseph Alford, Joao Bassa, George Buckbee, Eric Cosman, Acacio Costa, Vitor Finkel, Dean Ford, Narasimha Himakuntala, Russ Rhinehart, Nick Sands, David Spitzer, Sandeep Vysyaraju, and Steven Valdez

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