InTech Editorial Guidelines

We are always looking for articles that provide thought leadership communicating ideas and knowledge that help industrial automation professionals to be more effective. InTech magazine is published by the International Society of Automation (ISA) where over 80,000 automation people come to learn new ideas and gain knowledge that helps them to be more effective. Feel free to suggest article ideas for consideration. 

For your reference these are InTech article guidelines:

InTech articles are an opportunity to illustrate expertise thought leadership, tips, and strategies related to the automation industry. InTech allows absolutely no product endorsements of any kind to avoid commercialism.  Here is how InTech defines commercialism:


  • Mention company name adjacent to the author's name/title.
  • One mention of a trade name or trademark in the body of the article.
  • Images of installed product and screen images that help explain/illustrate article ideas with descriptive captions.

Not Allowed

InTech allows absolutely no product endorsements of any kind to avoid commercialism.  Here is how InTech defines commercialism:

No references to company's products, services; achievements with specific attribution to a company including equipment by model or trade name or references to exclusive positions held by a company; technology, markets, patents, licenses, etc.

InTech allows absolutely no product endorsements of any kind.

References to competitor by name in any potentially comparative or exclusive manner, other than general awareness mention in the most evenly represented, fair manner.

Any discussion that, under normal standards of courtesy and maturity, would offend another producer of similar equipment and services.

Submission Requirements - Items that need to be submitted for an article:

  •  1,800 to 2,600 word article.
  •  Article title and subtitle title.
  •  Three one-sentence Fast Forward bullet points about the main overview of the article to promote the article.
  •  Two to three sentence table of contents teaser to wrap up the feature's substance that will be used to promote the article before publication.
  •  Brief About the Authors biography.
  •  Author's e-mail or other email to publish with the article for readers to ask questions.
  •  Photo images, charts, drawings & captions submitted as separate image files.  Include text for image captions.
  •  Three or four concept art suggestions for the article to guide our creative staff.
  •  The word counts on Basics articles are up 1,500 words; The Final Say and Executive Corners are up to 750 words.

For editorial inquiries and submissions, please contact:

Renee Bassett
Chief Editor

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