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  • June 27, 2023
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More than 11 million people currently are employed in manufacturing in the U.S., and according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the latest data shows 9.9 million manufacturing job openings. On top of that, about 17 percent of the general U.S. population is 65 years old or over—a figure that is expected to reach 22 percent by 2050. Globally, given the retirements, shortages of qualified new workers, and millions of existing workers whose job requirements may be changing, training is more important than ever and fundamentals are essential. That’s why this July 2023 issue of InTech focuses on automation fundamentals.

Fundamentals have been a staple of ISA Training, so I talked with Matt Rothkopf, ISA’s manager of learning consultation, about a course that has become a best-seller among ISA’s wide range of training, certifications, and publications designed to enable industrial companies and their workers to adapt to changes and challenges.

Fundamentals of Industrial Process Measurement and Control (FG05M) is a modular, self-paced, computer-based training course derived from the FG05 Traditional, or classroom, course that ISA has offered for more than 30 years. Course content has evolved over the years, says Rothkopf, but it is “foundational.” It defines what to measure—primarily temperature, pressure, level, and flow, plus other things—how to measure it, what technologies exist for measurement and control, and other basic building blocks of how industrial process works.

Rothkopf points out that the course is fundamental, but not necessarily only for beginners. “For someone who has successfully operated as a technician for 5+ years, it would be more of a review. I would typically direct a more seasoned professional like that to a more advanced course. But for someone changing positions, or who might have technical but not necessarily industrial experience, this course can provide essential context,” he says. “It covers essential concepts and terminology, which is good for someone with less experience who will be undertaking more intensive training, like ISA's very popular Bootcamps."

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