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  • By Renee Bassett
  • May 02, 2023
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The term “Industry 4.0” is both a guiding light and an enigma. No universally accepted or agreed upon definition exists, and it has taken on different meanings since it was introduced in Germany in 2011. It is the name given to the Fourth Industrial Revolution—this current time in which fundamental shifts are occurring in the ways industrial companies operate and automation professionals contribute. Industry 4.0 encompasses new, rapidly evolving technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), digital twins and more. And it offers a wide range of opportunities, benefits, and challenges for those in the midst of digital transformations and control system modernizations—the theme of this April issue.

Where does one go to get guidance and advice on making the most of Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies? This InTech digital magazine is a fine resource but may not be enough.’s AUTOMATION 2023 ebooks and newsletters contain additional insights. A new list of the Top Industry 4.0 Influencers on social media (primarily LinkedIn and Twitter) contains 50 intelligent and prolific experts to follow.

Three of those influencers are members of ISA’s own Smart Manufacturing and IIoT (SMIIoT) division—itself a rich source of best practices and insightful discussions. SMIIoT division members created the August 2022 issue of InTech, which focused exclusively on Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies.

#1 on the list is Jeff Winter. He’s an Industry 4.0 and digital transformation enthusiast who spearheaded the creation of the August 2022 issue. In it he wrote the feature “The Birth of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.”

Author and thought leader Mike Nager is #21. He demystifies the world of smart manufacturing for educators and public officials with workshops, books, and lectures. He wrote Smart Manufacturing Terms You Need to Know!, a book for industry professionals, as well as All About Smart Manufacturing, which is a picture book for children.

Ryan Treece, #37, serves as Tech Committee Chair – Edge & Cloud with ISA. He is a business development manager in IIoT at Telit and an InTech author.

“Digital transformation can be thought of as the journey and strategy to get to the vision of Industry 4.0,” says Winter. Every journey of transformation and modernization needs maps and guides. Through all the resources of ISA, may you find yours.

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