Association Spotlight: How ChemPID Helps You Create a Better World through Automation

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Have you ever wondered if someone else already has it all figured out when it comes to being an automation professional within the petrochemical/oil and gas industries? Why reinvent the wheel? The key to success is to capitalize on problems that have already been solved and focus your engineering talent on problems that require innovation.

ISA technical divisions are communities of members who have common technical interests covering a wide variety of industries and technologies. ISA’s technical divisions are free-to-join for ISA members, and members are encouraged to join as many divisions as they choose. For example, you might be interested in both an industry division and a technology division.

Through a division, you can:

  • Build a network of peers with similar technical interests
  • Participate in online technical discussions
  • Receive access to the division community and communications
  • Learn through ISA OnPoint technical presentations
  • Discover opportunities to be a leader through the division board
  • Share your expertise to help others

Chempid areas of focus diagram
Figure 1. ChemPID areas of focus.
The Chemical and Petroleum Industries Division (ChemPID) within the International Society of Automation (ISA) is a community of professionals involved in the extraction, production, transport, and processing of chemicals, petrochemicals, petroleum, and natural gas. From raw materials to products, ChemPID members seek to advance best practices in safety, environmental protection, production efficiency, operations, process control, and automation (Figure 1). ChemPID is one of the largest divisions within ISA, with over 4,000 members strong.

ChemPID volunteers join various technical committees or focus on specific roles that align with their areas of interest. Any of them can tell you more about their area of focus and the division as a whole. There are numerous benefits and professional opportunities are available when you join ChemPID.

Networking: Increase your visibility in within the petrochemical and oil and gas industries to benefit you and your employer, and have a positive impact on the industry.

Valuable information resources: Member events, such as Connect Live discussions, and OnPoint presentations learning the latest in the industry. Access to ISA standards and publications, and peers who can recommend and explain concepts are available.

Leadership opportunities: You can improve your personal leadership skills, participate in panel discussions, or serve as a session developer for an ISA conference.

Technical writing: Review papers, make presentations, lead discussions, or write articles for InTech magazine.

ChemPID Leaders 2022–2023

Alan Bryant head shot

Alan Bryant, Director

Jagdish Shukla head shot

Jagdish Shukla, Director-Elect

David Lee head shot

David Lee, Past Director

Denise Sherrod head shot

Denise Sherrod, Secretary

Nick Sands head shot

Nick Sands, Program Chair

Christi Mezzic head shot

Christi Mezzic, Membership Chair

Dean Bickerton head shot

Dean Bickerton, ISA Connect

Nishadi Davis head shot

Nishadi Davis, Publications

Ahmed Abdelrahman head shot

Ahmed Abdelrahmen, OnPoint Coordinator

Greg Lehmann head shot

Greg Lehmann, Section-Division Liaison

Prabhat Behera head shot

Prabhat Behera, Young Professionals

Trung Nguyen head shot

Trung Nguyen, Technical Lead: Sustainability

James Haw head shot

James Haw, Technical Lead: Digitalization

Anil Pushkaran head shot

Anil Pushkaran, Board Member

Charlie Souza head shot

Charlie Souza, Board Member

David Lee head shot

David Lee, Scholarship Chair, Technical Lead: Operator Performance

Katie White head shot

Katie White, Volunteer Coordinator

Cheri Haarmeyer head shot

Cheri Haarmeyer, Volunteer Committee

Strategic Plan 2023

Create a better world through automation

Empowering the global automation community through standards and knowledge sharing


  • Excellence - We provide industry leading unbiased content developed and vetted by a community of experts

  • Diversity and Inclusion - We are committed to being a global, diverse, and inclusive organization

  • Professionalism - We uphold the highest standards of competence and skill in everything we do

  • Integrity - We act with honesty, integrity, and trust, respecting others in all that we do

  • Collaboration - We seek out opportunities to work together for the benefit of the Society, its members, and our profession

Outreach, Awareness, and Advocacy - Be recognized as the leading, global, independent source of automation knowledge.
Vibrant Community - Grow a consciously inclusive community to enable collaboration and foster the development of leadership skills
Innovation Insights - Proactively identify and foster evolving and emerging technology, processes, and business practices related to ISA’s mission.
Financial Stability - Foster a sustainable financial position that continues to support ISA’s mission.

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