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Welcome to the February 2023 issue of InTech, focused on the Chemical and Petroleum Industries Division (ChemPID).

It is a privilege to include an interview with Nick Sands, an ISA fellow, for this issue (see Final Say on page 66). His work on the ISA18.2, Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries standard has been influential in the process industry. Nicholas led the committee to create this much-needed guidance on alarm management. After the standard was approved, he worked to gain adoption by IEC, which expanded its influence globally. It is now recognized by many government safety agencies. Vendors and service providers have updated products and services to help end users implement this standard.

This issue features articles by ChemPID leaders from each of the ChemPID working groups:

  • Young Professionals: Prabhat Behera (Occidental)
  • Standards: David Lee (Emerson)
  • Digitalization: James Haw (PureCycle)
  • Sustainability: Nishadi Davis (Wood)
  • Sustainability: Alan Bryant (Occidental)

As director of ChemPID, I want the division to be a strong community of automation professionals with common interests. There are opportunities to network with other professionals to share and learn, to publish, and to volunteer.

Last year, we assembled a strong team on the division board to carry out our goals. This year, I hope to provide more opportunities to expand and accomplish our mission. Watch ISA Connect for updated volunteer postings.

By being active in ISA standards committees, the divisions, and my local section, I have met some amazing people.

By being active in ISA standards committees, the divisions, and my local section, I have met some amazing people who shared their experience with me. I have been inspired by, and learned much from them and made some good friends. I hope this division can provide opportunities for you to do the same, and I hope this ChemPID issue of InTech provides something useful to each of you. You can learn more about the division in the  Association Spotlight department that follows.

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About The Authors

Alan Bryant, PE, PMP is director of ISA's ChemPID and is a voting member on multiple ISA standards committees. He has more than 30 years of experience managing projects and automation initiatives in upstream oil and gas. In his role as an engineer at Occidental, he is a technical SME, he establishes new programs such as alarm management, develops company practices, and automation standards.