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Technology continues to advance by leaps and bursts, challenging us all to not only keep up but also try to capitalize on what’s possible. Discussions of the metaverse, ChatGPT artificial intelligence and data analytics appear regularly in consumer news sources. Conferences like ARC Advisory Group’s 2023 Industry Leadership Forum discuss industrial IoT, edge and cloud computing, 5G communications and other high-tech advances that may (or may not) be coming to your facility anytime soon. Automation professionals are the ones who have to sort it all for their companies.

Making the connection between new technologies and day-to-day operational needs can be tough. It helps to find peers who are wrestling with the same problems. It helps to find experts willing to share their experiences and talk through solutions. That knowledge sharing is a big reason why the International Society of Automation exists—to bring together professional peers.

In this issue of InTech, we’re focusing on the petrochemical industry so we can go deep with the knowledge being shared, and I’ve called on the members of ISA’s Chemical and Petroleum Industry Division (ChemPID) to help.

Whether building a network of advanced plastics recycling plants or the hydrogen hub backbone, ChemPID members readily share their experience and look to ISA and each other to find the standards, best practices and innovative insights they need to keep their projects on track. ChemPID members also provide useful insight no matter what your industry affiliation: Graham Nasby explains the ISA112 SCADA standard, while David Lee covers the fundamentals of ISA standards overall, for example.

Technology is moving forward drastically, so it’s good to hear from others who have been there before. Read these articles. Connect with you peers. Continue the conversations. And consider sharing your own insights and project successes in the pages of InTech. The project you advance just might be your own.

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