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A vital element in process safety is assurance that safety-related devices, including automated valves, remain capable of performing intended safety functions at all times during plant operations. Government regulations, operating licenses and permits, technical specifications, and various industry standards specify requirements for testing automated valves used in process safety applications. To meet these requirements, automated valves are routinely subjected to in-situ proof testing at intervals determined by the importance of each valve, the recommendations of valve and actuator manufacturers, in-service performance experience, and other factors.

A new technical report, ISA-TR96.05.02, In-Situ Proof Testing of Automated Valves, provides guidance on the various criteria to consider when selecting the in-situ proof testing method—such as, for example, automated versus manual test execution, spurious trip potential, actuator force or torque output, and on-line maintainability. The document also addresses the capabilities and limitations of the various measurement, analysis, and acceptance criteria approaches used to assess in-situ proof testing results; and the accuracy of measurement and analysis methods employed by the various proof testing systems, sensors, and analysis techniques.

The document is one of several standards and technical reports developed by the committee ISA96, Valve Actuators. ISA96 will hold an all-day face-to-face meeting on 11 November 2022, in conjunction with the ISA Automation & Leadership Conference in Galveston, Texas, U.S. For information on the event, visit the event page.

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