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A Foundation Fieldbus system can be created that is suitable for use in hazardous locations. The method one would use to specify an intrinsically safe installation is called FISCO. FISCO stands for:

A. Fieldbus Nonincendive Concept
B. Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept
C. Fieldbus Interconnected Safety Concept
D. Fieldbus Interoperable System Construction

CAP answer

The answer is B, “Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept.”

The primary objective of the Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO) is to specify intrinsically safe (IS) Fieldbus systems that can be safely created without a detailed safety analysis, and also to permit the addition of further devices without having to reconsider that analysis.

Reference: Sands, Nicholas P. & Verhappen, Ian, A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, Third Edition, ISA Press, 2019.


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