• Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0)

Along with most of the automation community, ISA knows that the future of manufacturing is more than just being automated—it is a digital, smart, and integrated set of cyber-physical systems enabling greater performance in terms of agility, efficiency, safety, security, and sustainability. The fourth industrial revolution introduced a paradigm shift. This is why, in 2020, ISA created the Smart Manufacturing and IIoT (SMIIoT) Division. Today, more than 3,000 ISA members want to be a part of it.

ISA divisions help members professionally and technically by focusing on specific vertical industries or technology clusters. They develop technical content and standardized approaches to solving critical problems and provide a forum for networking and collaboration.

SMIIoT Division members do this work through one of eight technical committees that each represent key topics within the Industry 4.0 framework. SMIIoT Division activities are directed by the 2022 division leaders shown on this page. Activities include:

  • creating and collecting technical resources such as articles, whitepapers, webinars, and case studies
  • supporting ISA’s Smart Manufacturing & IIoT Conference
  • collaborating with ISA Districts and Sections to promote and disseminate relevant information
  • expanding volunteer opportunities for further collaboration and networking
  • publishing a quarterly newsletter for awareness of SMIIoT Division activities 
  • developing a network of smart manufacturing and IIoT partner organizations as resources to members.

Join the SMIIoT Division if you want to learn, contribute, and network around one or more of its topics, and help division members and ISA create a better world through automation. Visit the division website or contact any of the division leaders.

2022 Division Leadership

Jeff Winter
Division Director
Jeff Winter, Microsoft

David Schultz
Division Director-Elect
David Schultz, G5 Consulting
Mike Nager
Program Co-Chair
Mike Nager, Festo
Lalit Bangera
Program Co-Chair
Lalit Bangera, Siemens
Dattatray Sawant
Dattatray Sawant, NIMMS
Shridhar Kulkarni
Membership Chair
Shridhar Kulkarni
Jessica Morell
Marketing Chair
Jessica Morell
Sujata Tilak
Past Director
Sujata Tilak, ascent intellimation
Victor Venâncio
Board Member
Victor Venâncio, IHM
John Whitten
Board Member
John Whitten, Projects of Things
Dharmender Singhal
Board Member
Dharmender Singhal
Karam Rehani
Awards Chair
Karam Rehani
Ryan Kershaw
Ryan Kershaw, Litmus
Yogeswaran Supramaniam
Section/Division Liaison
Yogeswaran Supramaniam

2022 Technical Committee Chairs

Andy Piatek
Industrial Connectivity
Andy Piatek, Novus Technical Services
Ines Mechkane
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Ines Mechkane
Ryan Treece
Cloud & Edge Computing
Ryan Treece, Telit
Mario Ishikawa
Virtualization Technologies (AR & VR)
Mario Ishikawa, PackIOT
JP Zeballos Raczy
Digital Twin & Simulation
JP Zeballos Raczy
Brian Romano
Industry Maturity & Readiness
Brian Romano, AGR
Jacob Chapman
Industrial Cyber Security
Jacob Chapman, Nozomi Networks
Shiv Kataria
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Shiv Kataria, Siemens


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