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The ISA84 standards committee, Instrumented Systems to Achieve Functional Safety in the Process Industries, will meet virtually throughout the week of 25 October 2021 as it continues developing and updating a comprehensive set of technical reports. The technical reports provide guidance and practical examples for applying the widely used ISA/IEC 61511-2018 standards, Functional Safety – Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry Sector, Parts 1–3. Those ISA/IEC standards, the first version of which was completed by ISA84 in 1996, set forth requirements for the specification, design, installation, operation, and maintenance of a safety instrumented system (SIS) so that it can be entrusted to achieve or maintain a safe state of a process.

The ISA84 objectives for the week include:

  • Complete work on a technical report revision, ISA-TR84.00.02, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Verification of Safety Instrumented Functions, which serves as a tutorial on the fundamentals of data selection and the reliability calculations. The technical report was recently approved by ISA84, but with submitted comments that will be reviewed and responded to during the meeting.
  • Continue work on updating ISA-TR84.00.05-2009, Guidance on the Identification of Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) in Burner Management Systems (BMS). Focus is on providing BMS-specific guidance and clarity to all phases of the safety lifecycle, updating unit operation examples based upon the latest governing standards/practice (e.g., NPFA 85, API 556), and updating based on end-user feedback from using the current edition of the document.
  • Discuss ideas for updating ISA-TR84.00.07-2018, Guidance on the Evaluation of Fire, Combustible Gas and Toxic Gas System Effectiveness, which addresses detection and mitigation of fire, combustible gas, and toxic gas hazards in process areas. 
  • Continue work on updating ISA-TR84.00.09-2017, Cybersecurity Related to the Functional Safety Lifecycle, which provides guidance on integrating the cybersecurity lifecycle with the safety lifecycle as they relate to safety controls, alarms, and interlocks, inclusive of safety instrumented systems. 

ISA standards participation and meetings are open to all interested parties, and experts from any country are welcome to join ISA84 or any ISA standards committee. For more information, contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards.

View more info on viewing or obtaining the ISA technical reports described above on the Find ISA Standards page.

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