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Security Platform for Micro-segmentation, Remote Access

Airwall Teams, a free, industrial-strength security platform for micro-segmentation and remote access, lets organizations try the standards-based Host Identity Protocol (HIP) to build secure communications channels between devices, regardless of where they are located. This technology ensures secure access across all mobile, corporate, Internet, and cloud networks. Airwall Teams is based on the same network technology as Airwall, an easy-to-manage, enterprise-grade solution that uses HIP and includes a range of scalable hardware gateways and policy management devices. Together they form a private overlay network that sits on top of the existing cybersecurity and network infrastructure.

Tempered Networks


Network Security Appliance

The NCA-6520 is a 2U 19-inch rackmount network security appliance with dual third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, high throughputs, built-in crypto acceleration, and NIC module expansion. It has enhanced performance for network security workloads through increased processor cores (up to 40), higher memory bandwidth (1.2 times memory capacity per processor), PCIe-Gen4 support, and fast input/output. Integrated 100 Gbps Intel QuickAssist is a hardware technology that accelerates critical workloads such as data compression and cryptography across server, storage, and network applications.

Lanner Inc.


ICS Cybersecurity Risk Screening Service

A new service, ICS Cybersecurity Risk Screening, helps industrial organizations gain a high-level understanding of the worst-case risk to operations should their industrial control systems (ICSs) be compromised. Using a consequence-based, initial cybersecurity risk screening methodology, the results expose the potential magnitude of cyberrisk to operations, assist with prioritizing detailed risk assessments, facilitate the grouping of assets into zones and conduits, and help manage budgets and resources appropriately.



Proxy Device for Implementation of CIP Security 

Industrial companies can now implement CIP Security expansively in their systems with the Allen-Bradley CIP Security Proxy by working with EtherNet/IP-compliant devices. The proxy device allows users with products that are not embedded with CIP Security to define and implement their unique migration roadmap to a CIP Security architecture. It also provides a path forward for products not capable of CIP Security. Configuration can be achieved through FactoryTalk Policy Manager software and FactoryTalk system services. The device also supports motion for Kinetix drives and has a web server for viewing diagnostics.

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