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A project is underway to provide an automated safety interlock for a door to a barrier around a rotary mixing drum. Which of the following credentialed engineering roles would be most helpful in defining the requirements for this system?

A. Certified Control System Technician (CCST)
B. Process engineer with a master’s degree
C. Certified Functional Safety Engineer (CSFE)
D. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

CAP answer  

The answer is C, “Certified Functional Safety Engineer (CSFE).” Certified Functional Safety Engineers are tested to ensure that personnel performing SIS life-cycle activities are competent as required by the IEC 61508, ISA/IEC 61511, and 62061 standards. The other engineering roles listed may be important to the overall project, but only CSFEs are trained to provide guidance and expertise for the develop of functional/machine safety projects.

Reference: Sands, Nicholas P. & Verhappen, Ian, A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, Third Edition, ISA Press, 2019.


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