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ISA’s long-standing focus in its consensus industry standards on end-user performance, safety, and security is evident in several widely used series of International Electrotechnical Commission standards that are based on original ISA standards. These include standards in the key areas of control systems security, enterprise-control systems integration, functional safety, and wireless systems for automation. These ISA original standards and others are important elements as organizations, including ISA and IEC, work to develop the new standards needed as smart manufacturing and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology advances.

Beyond ISA’s existing standards work, the ISA Standards & Practices (S&P) Board has established an ISA Automation & Operations Lifecycle Advisory Group to research and support the understanding of smart manufacturing concepts across ISA Standards. Former ISA S&P vice president Chris Monchinski is leading the group.

The group intends to work closely with ISA’s Smart Manufacturing & IIoT division, the newest of ISA’s 17 technical divisions. Visit www.isa.org/membership/participate-in-a-technical-division for information. Among its activities, the new division is involved in supporting ISA’s Smart Manufacturing & IIoT Conference, which will be held virtually this year on 11 May. Visit IIoT & Smart Manufacturing Virtual Conference for information.

ISA is also involved in an IEC systems committee on smart manufacturing. A systems committee is intended to set high-level interfaces and functional requirements that span multiple work areas across the IEC and its partner, the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), to achieve a coordinated standards development plan. ISA’s participation in the systems group is facilitated through an IEC organizational liaison by which ISA standards and technical reports, both published and in development, can be circulated and reviewed within the systems committee as appropriate. 

For information on ISA standards or related activities, contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards, crobinson@isa.org.

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