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Standards update: SCADA, IDM, and enterprise-control system integration

  • July 31, 2020
  • Standards

ISA112 releases draft SCADA life cycle

The ISA112, SCADA Systems, standards committee is developing a comprehensive standard covering best practices design, implementation, and long-term management of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. These fundamental systems can be found controlling and monitoring a wide range of industrial applications, including pipeline operations, electric transmission systems, rail and road systems, municipal water/wastewater infrastructure, and canals, tunnels, and bridges. Because of this range, the roles and usage of SCADA technology can vary considerably across industries and geographic areas.

For this reason, a major focus of ISA112 has been to develop a set of standardized terminology that can be used for specifying, designing, implementing, and managing SCADA systems. The committee has also worked hard to develop an easily applicable ISA112 SCADA life cycle that can be applied to both large and small SCADA systems, regardless of industry.

ISA112 has now released interim drafts of its SCADA life-cycle diagram and reference model architecture as it moves toward an expected first release of a standard by late 2022. That standard will be followed by additional guidance documents such as technical reports. The draft life cycle and reference-model architecture may be downloaded at Please send review comments and suggestions to

ISA112 brings together more than 150 members from a variety of backgrounds, roles, and industries, spanning end users, operating companies, engineering firms, suppliers, distributors, and system integrators across such sectors as municipal water, pipeline, electric power, chemical, mining, environmental, and oil and gas. The committee co-chairs are Graham Nasby and Ian Verhappen. As in all ISA standards committees, membership is open to any interested individuals. For more information on ISA112, please contact Charley Robinson,

New standard in the ISA-95 enterprise-control system series

The widely used ISA-95 standards define the integration of control systems with enterprises. A newly published document in the series defines the subset of the standards used for a set of message exchanges for a specific industry or use case.

ISA-95.00.08, Enterprise/Control System Integration Part 8: Information Exchange Profiles, aids in implementations of ISA-95 for application integration. The information exchange profile’s intended business usage is within a defined scope for activities, functions, and tasks of ISA-95 Level 3 manufacturing operations management and their exchanges between Level 3 and 4 applications. The information exchange profile references the ISA-95 models, concepts, and terminology defined in ISA-95 Parts 1 through 7.

The new Part 8 provides a coordinated method to apply all parts of the ISA-95 series to reduce the effort associated with implementing new product offerings. The goal is to have manufacturing operations management systems that interoperate and easily integrate, regardless of the degree of automation.

ISA95 is chaired by Chris Monchinski, who also serves as the 2019–20 vice president of the ISA Standards & Practices Department. For more information about ISA95, contact For information on viewing or obtaining the new standard or other ISA standards, visit 

Intelligent device management revisions

ISA-TR108.1, Intelligent Device Management Part 1: Concepts and Terminology, first published in 2015, describes concepts and terminology necessary to understand and communicate effectively about intelligent device management (IDM). It provides overviews of the basic concepts of how intelligent devices can be managed and how such device management plays a larger role in the overall objectives of a facility throughout its life cycle. The document also explains the relationship between IDM and other existing asset management standards.

An updated version of the technical report, revised in a collaboration between ISA108 and IEC SC65E WG10 to reflect improvements in the understanding of the associated technology, has now been published with the designation ISA-TR 63082-1:2020. The new technical report presents a more comprehensive description of the concepts and terminology associated with IDM.

It is the intent of the ISA108 committee to move ahead in its joint work with IEC SC65E WG10 to develop Part 2 of the ISA/IEC 63082 series, which will be a standard based on this Part 1 technical report. Subsequent technical reports and recommended practices are also planned by ISA108, all based on this Part 1 technical report and the anticipated Part 2 standard.

The ISA108 committee co-chairs are Kouji Demachi of Yokogawa Electric Corp. and Herman Storey of Herman Storey Consulting, LLC. The ISA108 managing director is Ian Verhappen of CIMA. For more information about ISA108, contact For information on obtaining the new technical report, please visit

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