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Software enables Industrial IoT

Enhancements across the company’s software portfolio make it possible to operate plants, analyze industrial data, and optimize operations. Predix Essentials, a SaaS solution, helps companies connect to disparate data sources, monitor operations, and use edge-to-cloud predictive analytics. Developed in partnership with customers including Intel, Predix Essentials is a first step toward using cloud-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies for digital transformation. It is also the foundation of the company’s APM and OPM application suites. Asset Answers is a benchmarking tool that lets users import and assess data to compare their asset maintenance practices with similar companies or their own performance across sites. Webspace 6.0 brings the visualization and control capabilities of the company’s iFIX and CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA software to mobile devices. With encryption and a zero-install HTML5 client, Webspace 6.0 helps improve how operators receive and react to operational insights.

Stream industrial data into MES

The DataHub IoT Gateway streams real-time OPC UA and OPC DA industrial data directly into manufacturing execution systems (MESs), device clouds, and big data analytics platforms. The gateway connects OPC UA and OPC DA (Classic) clients and servers to any MQTT broker, including Azure, Google, and Amazon IoT. It supports both publish and subscribe and automatic OPC to MQTT protocol conversion, maintaining the OPC UA data model while other gateways flatten it. The gateway lets you merge data from multiple sources into a common data set, configure a network of DataHub installations from a single location, quickly view live trends for selected data, and control access and set permissions for users and groups. Add-on options include the ability to build and display private cloud-based web pages, connect two or more data sources to share data in real time, connect OPC A&E servers and clients, connect Modbus TCP slave devices, and read/write data to any ODBC database.

Wireless access point combines Wi-Fi, WirelessHART

Specifically engineered to meet the smaller network requirements of remote operations, the Wireless 1410 Gateway is also secure and flexible. This compact wireless access point connects WirelessHART networks with host systems and data applications, and its small size and DIN-rail mount capability make it suitable for limited cabinet space. The device has two network capacity options (A: 25 devices / B: 100 devices) to meet various network demands. To help with digital transformation, this industrial networking approach combines the company’s expertise in industrial automation and applications with Cisco’s innovations in networking, cybersecurity, and information technology infrastructure. This wireless access point provides the Wi-Fi bandwidth necessary for real-time safety monitoring, including location awareness and wireless video—applications intended to enhance personnel safety practices, improve plant security, and help ensure environmental compliance.

Real-time edge intelligence for IIoT

The Lightning Edge AI platform, which enables real-time edge intelligence via the IIoT, includes tools and enhancements for operational technology (OT) professionals. The drag-and-drop analytic programming capabilities and visualization dashboards help OT staff derive insights from real-time data without assistance from data science teams. The platform brings intelligence to or near the point where data originates and facilitates analysis with the lowest latencies to improve operational outcomes. Artificial intelligence (AI) is enabled through built-in closed-loop, edge-to-cloud machine learning, where the system can detect drifts in model accuracies and automatically trigger cloud-based retraining with Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure IoT and republish new models to the edge in an iterative fashion until the expected accuracy is reached.

This latest release includes a visual programming tool, VEL Studio, that creates analytic expressions that derive actionable insights from streaming control and sensor data. A drag-and-drop library of more than 100 built-in code blocks lets OT professionals perform traditional data science tasks without the need for any programming skills. OT-centric blocks for manufacturing-specific use cases create analytics including anomaly and failure condition detection. VIZ Dashboards allows OT teams to visualize real-time data streams and monitor the efficiency and health of their environments. Data ingestion agents include OPC-DA.

End-to-end security for Industrial IoT

SmartServer IoT is an open, end-to-end, extensible edge server that securely delivers operating system data to new cloud services. It enables system integrators, application developers, and original equipment manufacturers to deliver IIoT solutions for energy management and automation using both new and existing control networks. Using the IBM Watson IoT Platform enabled by NXP’s A71CH secure element for IoT devices, the server is an extra layer of security for businesses connecting to the IBM Cloud. The IBM Watson IoT Platform is a managed, cloud-hosted service. The SmartServer IoT simplifies interoperability between diverse legacy systems, disparate devices, and emerging and traditional protocols.

It provides built-in device and data management for sensors, meters, actuators, and controllers through a range of protocols, including BACnet, LonWorks, and Modbus. The NXP A71CH Plug & Trust Secure Element has X.509 certificates and keys trusted by Watson IoT Platform and injected at NXP secure certified facilities. NXP’s trust provisioning service ensures keys are kept safe, and credentials are injected in a trusted environment. When embedded into devices, the chips have the necessary keys to establish a secure TLS connection with IBM Watson IoT for seamless device-to-cloud connections.

IIoT HMIs and controllers

The cMT series with CODESYS integrates high-performance HMI with a CODESYS programmable logic controller system on an architecture where a duo-core CPU runs two independent operating systems. With the multicore processor, cMT HMI + CODESYS provides data visualization with an operable user interface and also runs controller logic. The two systems run independently without mutual interference. The cMT-CTRL01 IIoT programmable logic controller has built-in CODESYS in addition to working with all iR modules. It has IIoT gateway protocol translation and EasyAccess remote access service. The cMT-G01/G02/G03/G04 is a smart communication gateway with the data processing capability of an HMI to facilitate IIoT integration. With OPC UA built-in, the gateway fits well into lots of applications to provide a standard communication interface and to integrate data.
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Four-channel SFP Gigabit Ethernet card

The XMC477RC four-channel SFP Gigabit Ethernet interface supports four small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules, allowing users to choose between 1000BASE-X optical or 1000BASE-T copper connectivity. When paired with the company’s single-board computer, the XMC477RC reportedly delivers functional density that can reduce the number of cards in a chassis. This can, for example, eliminate the requirement for a dedicated Ethernet switch and help minimize the size, weight, and power of a subsystem.

Able to operate in temperatures between –40°C to +85°C, the XMC477RC is suitable for naval/marine, land, and air platforms including fire control and radar systems. It supports a high-speed link to the host via an x4 PCIe connection, allowing all front I/O ports to run at full line rate. It has an industry-standard Intel I350-AM4 quad port Gigabit Ethernet controller that gives native support for enhanced virtualization elements, such as VMDq, and up to eight virtual machines allocated per port. Native drivers for common operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Linux, and LynxOS. VxWorks and Solaris drivers also available.
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