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Coriolis mass flowmeter 

The Promass A flowmeter measures substances drop for drop. Promass A measures values with repeatability, even in cases where process and ambient conditions fluctuate. The measuring device is suited for installations including modular process facilities and skids. The sensor system is mounted on a base plate that acts as a “shock absorber,” shielding the Coriolis measurement from outside interference, such as pipe vibrations. Other contributing factors are the oscillation frequency of the measuring tube and its completely balanced oscillation behavior. At a specified maximum measured error of ±0.1%, high-precision measurements down to 8 g/min are possible. If the maximum error is permitted to be ±1%, even a quantity of less than 1 g/min can be measured.

Device options include nominal diameter, material, process connection, certification, and transmitter type or degree of protection, and it can be used in numerous applications. The measuring device has a nominal diameter DN 1 (1/24”), so it can also be installed in extremely tight spaces, such as in skids. There are a multitude of process connections available, such as flanges, lap joint flanges, couplings, internal threads, and tri-clamps. Promass A can be used at process temperatures between –50°C and +205°C (–58°F and +401°F).

The wetted parts are manufactured from stainless steel or Alloy C22 and are compliant with the requirements according to NACE MR0175/MR0103. As a result, the entire measuring system has high corrosion resistance and is suited for applications in the chemical and process industries. Because the entire sensor housing surface consists of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, it is especially suited for harsh ambient conditions in the offshore and onshore sectors where there is aggressive, salty air. Process connections are available in different pressure ratings up to a maximum of 430.9 bar (6250 psi). .

Mass flow controller with onboard pressure sensor

EL-FLOW Prestige in the company’s line of mass flowmeters and controllers for gases can now be equipped with an onboard pressure sensor. In combination with the “differential temperature balancing” sensor technology and an incorporated gas database with physical properties, the instrument automatically compensates for inlet pressure variations. As a result, the accuracy and control stability will not be affected by these pressure changes.

The multigas and multirange functionality of the device enables the user to select any of the installed gases and to adjust the measuring range within the boundaries of the device. Also, the dynamic behavior of the mass flow controller can be tuned on site, by adjusting the controller speed parameters. These settings can be changed using free software tools FlowTune or FlowPlot. The latter tool can also be used for device diagnostics or alarm and counter settings.

Flow switch monitor

Machinery manufacturers and plant engineers relying on the pneumatic control of automated assembly lines and end-to-end packaging equipment are a focus of the FS10i flow switch monitor. The measurement of compressed air flow lines with the FS10i switch/monitor gives information to the equipment’s control system to optimize the air flow. It monitors and alarms for air leaks, which can occur due to failures of process piping, tubing, or compressor seals.

The dual function flow switch/monitor is suitable for trending the rate of air flow with its 4–20 mA flow monitoring output. It includes a relay output for low-flow trip point detection. The trip point and flow range are set in the field by technicians under actual operating conditions using tactile feedback buttons. By simulating a high and low flow while in the calibration mode, the FS10i will range the 4–20 mA output signal over that span and indicate flow.

The switch/monitor operates over a flow range from 0.25 FPS to 400 SFPS. Repeatability is ±0.5% of reading. It is designed for simple insertion into threaded tees in a 0.5-inch (13-mm) or larger diameter pipe.

The FS10i is repeatable to both increasing and decreasing changes in flow rate. This capability gives engineers the ability to adjust compressed air levels to variable production line demand. The device has a top/front-mounted 10-LED array. It has both a visual indication for plant technicians that the trip point has been exceeded (LED flashes on/off) and of the relative flow rate (10 percent increments) across the flow range. The switch/monitor’s wetted parts are 316L stainless steel with the flow sensor’s thermowells constructed of corrosion-resistant Hastelloy C-22.
Fluid Components International 


Flowmeters and transmitters

The sister companies have expanded their TRICOR line of Coriolis mass flowmeters. It now includes both standard and advanced flowmeters and the TCD 9000 series transmitters that incorporate digital signal processing (DSP).

The TCM “CLASSIC” series meets general industrial requirements out of the box, while the TCMP “PRO” series has units with performance specifications and diagnostic capabilities for operation in challenging environments. The classic series includes TCE 8000 transmitters with an interface, standard calibration, and optional custom-calibrated meters with specifications.

The pro series includes TCD 9000 transmitters with digital signal processing and diagnostics, applicability for challenging liquid fluid conditions, logging and traceability functions, report fraction concentrations of two-part mixtures, I/O configurations with one-to-four channels fully configurable with programmable I/O options. The TCD 9000 series of transmitters has performance, diagnostics, and connectivity options. With a modern human-machine interface and a logging functionality, the DSP transmitters are a configuration and analysis tool.

Other site features of the TCD 9000 series transmitters include gas void fraction improvement, application adaptive filtering, and sensor-checking and troubleshooting wizards. Operating from one universal power supply (24 V to 240 V), the TCD 9000 series flow transmitters have a graphical display, SD card connectivity, and logging and traceability functions. Units are available with direct or remote mounts and Profibus PA, Profibus DP, Modbus, or HART communication protocols. The transmitter is also available with Modbus-only communication without display.
AW-Lake Company

KEM Küppers Elektromechanik GmbH


Modbus flow totalizer

The ModQ Sentry is a Modbus flow totalizer that interfaces with pulse-type inductive turbine (and other) flowmeters to provide flow rates, accumulated totals, and status information. Units are configurable for volume and time settings and offer options to configure the K factor to match the turbine.

Powered by an internal lithium battery for standalone operations or an external 6–36 VDC power source, the ModQ Sentry provides a local display along with a Modbus RS485 data port to integrate with programmable logic controller/supervisory control and data acquisition and distributed control systems. The ModQ Sentry maintains an internal thirty-day log of daily flow totals for historical analysis or backup storage.

The ModQ is pending Class 1 Division 2 certification for usage in hazardous locations. Packaged in a polycarbonate housing rated NEMA 4X, the units are weathertight for outdoor environments. Configured with local LCD and push buttons (or by using the company’s tool kit), the ModQ manages data of turbine flowmeters in new and retrofit installations for a variety of industrial applications, such as oil and gas, metals and mining, water and wastewater, chemical, power, food and beverage, pulp and paper, aerospace, and pharmaceutical.
SignalFire Wireless Telemetry


Explosion-proof flow computer

The E126 explosion-proof flow computer for corrected gas and liquid volume measurement measures the actual flow, temperature, and pressure and converts it with a gas formula to gas volume at reference conditions. Daily and plant operations for running work permit procedures are not interrupted, and even partial plant shutdowns can be avoided, as the covers do not need to be opened to operate, set, and modify the display functionalities because of the through-glass keypad.


Gas metering

Measurement IQ monitors the health of midstream metering systems for operations, maintenance, and leadership teams. With diagnostics, dashboards, and intelligence analytics, the system enables operators to increase metering reliability in the face of skills shortages, dispersed operations, and a complex hydrocarbon mix. Users can detect and correct mismeasurement and anticipate equipment failure.

The system connects assets across all enterprise metering stations and captures the data in the company’s secure data center. Users can connect from any device with a web browser and receive customizable alerts on their mobile phones with the Experion App.
Honeywell Process Solutions


Gas measurement rate and total computer

The HIT-4G is a gas measurement rate and total computer with temperature, pressure, and AGA-8 compressibility compensation. The HIT-4G is the second release in the company’s HIT-4 series.

The HIT-4G provides temperature- and pressure-compensated gas flow measurement and also has dual totalizers, Modbus, and data logging. With a six-digit rate display and separate eight-digit resettable and nonresettable flow totalizers, the computer is configurable for 4–20 mA loop power or DC power.

Several enclosure options are available, including the explosion-proof enclosure (North America, ATEX, and IEX), which is available in a powder-coated aluminum or stainless-steel option for maximum flexibility to meet harsh installation conditions.
Hoffer Flow Controls


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