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Deloitte reports distinctive traits of digital front-runners in manufacturing

Though the fourth industrial revolution was born in the factory, many manufacturers are falling behind in adopting broader digital transformation initiatives for the entire enterprise. In an August 2018 report, “Distinctive traits of digital front-runners in manufacturing,” Deloitte surveyed 193 C-level executives around the globe to identify the organizations in manufacturing that are leading on the path toward digital maturity and the distinctive traits they possessed. The report discovered these front-runners demonstrated the following characteristics:

  • Adopting a long-term, dynamic approach to digital strategy: Front-runners were nearly two times more likely to connect investments in advanced technologies to increasing customer engagement than stragglers were.
  • Using the power of the ecosystem: Leaders are 2.3 times more likely than stragglers to seek out ecosystem relationships that create new value for customers.
  • Confidence in leadership and workforce talent: Front-runner manufacturers seem to have higher confidence in their ability to address these changes than overall respondents.
  • Customer-centric innovation powered by technology: Front-runners are more likely to be adept at translating technology into innovation that delivers customer value.

For more information, download the full report.

Partnership to enhance industrial cybersecurity solutions

AVEVA signed a partnership agreement with Virsec giving AVEVA customers access to in-memory cyberprotection for industrial control and supervisory control and data acquisition systems. Virsec’s technology reduces the risks posed by targeted cyberattacks across information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) systems.

Digital transformation at industrial and engineering organizations has prompted a renewed focus on securing digital assets. As IT and OT converge, there have been an increase in high-profile attacks targeting critical infrastructure that has raised security concerns. Virsec Trusted Execution provides a layer of protection against these advanced attacks by ensuring applications perform only as designed.

On 30 January 2018, a partnership with Cylance was announced to provide end-point protection to AVEVA’s industrial software portfolio. This protection—combined with the complementary in-memory security protection enabled by Virsec—strengthens the overall security of AVEVA’s industrial software portfolio.

Emerson acquires Aventics

Emerson announced it has completed the purchase of Aventics, a specialist in smart pneumatics technologies that power machine and factory automation applications. The acquisition is intended to expand the company’s reach in the $13 billion fluid automation market and solidify Emerson’s automation technology presence in Europe.

Aventics is a complement to Emerson’s capabilities and solutions in significant discrete and hybrid automation markets and creates a portfolio of fluid control and pneumatic devices that incorporate sensing and monitoring capabilities. With central offices in Laatzen, Germany, Aventics has approximately 2,100 employees around the world and five manufacturing locations.

Partnership for process safety integration

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), an automation control, instrumentation, and services company, has entered into a reseller agreement with the software products division of Applied Engineering Solutions, Inc. (aeSolutions). Through the reseller agreement, aeShield is integrated into Honeywell’s Process Safety Suite, which centralizes and synchronizes disparate process safety data.

This integration pairs the hazardous operation/layer of protection analysis, safety requirements specification, and safety integrity level verification requirements from aeShield with Honeywell’s Safety Builder, Process Safety Analyzer, and Trace into a Process Safety Suite. This suite will allow safety personnel to monitor process conditions by comparing actual performance from the plant historian with predefined hazard conditions from the risk analysis.

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