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Variable speed drives

The Altivar family of variable speed drives now includes the Altivar Machine ATV340, which addresses the challenges of the smart-machine era by combining application control and automation capabilities. The variable speed drive is suited to a variety of industrial sectors as well as applications, such as packaging, material handling and working, and hoisting.

The ATV340 is built for applications requiring rapid dynamic control. It has the flexibility to handle practically all motor types in open or closed loop. Built-in multiprotocol Ethernet, an embedded encoder, integrated application functions, and compatibility with multiple motor types bring design flexibility. One-button autotuning for motor identification allows project replication, while a library of tested, validated, and documented architectures boosts the speed of design.

The ATV340 range has Achilles Level 2 cybersecurity certification and is compliant with EN ISO 1384901 and EN 62061. It is suitable for environments with high levels of dust and vibration and operating temperatures up to 60°C. Remote monitoring enables predictive maintenance\, and fast device-replacement services ensure prompt machine recovery.
Schneider Electric

Frequency converter portfolio

The company has extended its Sinamics frequency converter portfolio for standard applications. The Sinamics V20 includes a new frame size, the FSAC, in the voltage range 1 AC 200 V to 240 V, 1.1 kW to 1.5 kW. FSAC is replacing the previous FSB frame (1 AC 200 V). It is 40 percent more compact than its predecessor, and the frame size offers more space-saving application possibilities. The Sinamics V20 is a basic converter available in nine frame sizes.

In the Sinamics V90 servo drive portfolio, the smallest frame size FSA is now also available as a Profinet version for 0.1 kW and 0.2 kW, which are covered by frame size FSB at the moment. These changes have enabled the footprint to be reduced by 10 millimeters, making the V90 FSA frame 18 percent smaller. It is now also possible to transmit process and diagnostic data over the Profinet interface in real time using a single cable. Within the V90 servo drive system, the Simotics S-1FL6 (SH45, SH 65, and SH90) motor series has also been released, with the connections now angular on the motor side, but straight on the cable side. The Sinamics V90 servo drive system is suited for dynamic applications.

Ethernet-connected VFDs

There are now Ethernet-connected versions of the FR-A800 and FR-F800 series variable frequency drives (VFDs). The FR-A800-E and FR-F800-E VFDs have Ethernet connectivity as a standard feature, allowing the drives to be connected directly to automation equipment and plant information management systems.

These VFDs are designed for factory automation in the automotive and food processing sectors, as well as wastewater treatment plants. They can be used in process control applications, multiple pump control systems, and in networks that require continuous monitoring, such as the measurement of energy consumption.

The FR-A800-E and FR-F800-E inverters can be connected to a manufacturing execution system network and exchange data in either direction. They can act as an interconnected VFD "team," without referring to a separate controller, by entering programmable logic controller programming directly into the drives. They operate simultaneously within an Ethernet environment and virtually any other automation network, forming a gateway between a plant's other automation equipment.
Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Distributed servo drive

The AMP8000 distributed servo drive system integrates a servo drive directly into a servomotor. By relocating the power electronics directly into the machine, a control cabinet can house a single coupling module and supply power to multiple servo drives with a single cable via the distribution module.

With the AMP8000, space requirements for drive technology inside electrical cabinets are reduced to a single coupling module. Via EtherCAT P technology, which provides EtherCAT signals and power over one cable, a coupling module can control up to five distributed AMP8000 servo drives via an IP 67-protected AMP8805 distribution module. Because the entire AMP8000 system can be cascaded\, companies can implement complex motion systems.

The power module is located at the back end of the motor shaft, so the attachment dimensions of the distributed servo drives are identical to those of standard AM8000 series servomotors. The only dimensional change is to the overall servomotor length, which is extended by approximately 7 cm.

The AMP8000 distributed servo drive system is available in flange sizes F4 and F5. Various models are available with power ratings from 0.61 kW to 1.23 kW and standstill torque ratings from 2.00 Nm to 4.8 Nm (F4) or power ratings from 1.02 kW to 1.78 kW and standstill torque ratings from 4.10 Nm to 9.7 Nm (F5). STO and SS1 safety functions are integrated into the AMP8000 series by default, and a range of additional safe motion functions are in preparation.
Beckhoff Automation

Stepper drives

The family of STR stepper drives has two new AC-powered units for use in industrial applications. Offering the benefits of low noise, smooth motion, and high torque over wide speed ranges, the STRAC stepper drives bring motion control to basic step and direction applications. Units are suitable for larger motors and applications requiring maximum power.

Like their DC-powered counterparts, the stepper drives have microstepping performance and current control with antiresonance that improves motor smoothness and torque over a wide speed range. Units operate on AC supply voltages of 90 VAC to 240 VAC and wire directly to 120 VAC or 220 VAC line voltages to eliminate DC power supply requirements. The drives internally convert AC line voltages to high DC bus voltages to drive large step motors at maximum power.

Available in two models, the STRAC2 provides up to 2.2 A per phase, while the STRAC8 provides up to 8.0 A per phase. Every stepper drive in the STR series operates in step and direction or pulse/pulse control mode. Select between the two modes by moving a jumper located under the drive cover or via a dip switch on the front panel. Each drive microsteps to 25,000 steps/rev with a 1.8° step motor (1/125 step) even when command pulses are low resolution-thanks to the proprietary step smoothing filter. Users can set up drive parameters-including motor selection, current, and step resolution-using dip or rotary switches. No software is required.
Applied Motion Products

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