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ISA honors automation legend Dick Morley with scholarship fund

ISA has created a scholarship fund in honor of Dick Morley, a longtime ISA supporter, founder of Modicon (now part of Schneider Electric), and the initial designer of the first programmable logic controller (PLC).

Morley, 84, passed away on 17 October. He was an engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, consultant, and author who contributed significantly to a wide range of revolutionary, high-technology advancements over more than four decades. An internationally recognized visionary and expert in computer design, artificial intelligence, automation, and factories of the future, Morley held more than 20 U.S. and foreign patents.

Morley's initial PLC, which he designed for continuous processing applications, was demonstrated at GM in 1969 as Bedford Associates Modicon 084 solid-state sequential logic solver. Morley founded numerous technology companies, and his breakthroughs in research and development blazed a path for ongoing innovations. For many years, Morley hosted the annual "Geek Pride Day" festival in New Hampshire, where he lived with his late wife, Shirley. Morley and his wife had three biological children and many foster children.

ISA will supply the scholarship fund, named the Richard E. "Dick" Morley Innovation Scholarship, with a $50,000 endowment. ISA has also pledged to match the next $50,000 of donations. The organization will announce more details about the application process for the scholarship in the coming weeks. To make an individual or corporate donation, visit the Richard E. "Dick" Morley Innovation Scholarship fund page (https://isaautomation.isa.org/morleyscholarship). For questions, contact Jennifer Halsey at jhalsey@isa.org or +1 (919) 990-9287.

ISA 2017 author award winners

The ISA publications department presented its 2017 author awards at an awards ceremony during ISA's 2017 Fall Leaders Meeting. "Each year, ISA is proud to recognize and thank all of the talented authors and contributors who help develop, review, and deliver outstanding ISA publications and technical resources to automation and control professionals throughout the world," says Rick Zabel, who as ISA group publisher manages all of ISA's publishing resources.

Winners are recognized for their editorial contributions to a wide range of ISA publications, including ISA books, InTech magazine, and ISA Transactions.

The Keith Otto Award

The Keith Otto Award recognizes the author or authors of the best article in InTech magazine. The award category was established in honor of Keith Otto, an ISA member who served for many years as the chair of the InTech editorial advisory board. The recipient of this year's award is Martin Berutti for his Process Automation article, "Improving plant operations with life-cycle dynamic simulation" (www.isa.org/intech/20160202). Berutti is the president and COO of MYNAH Technologies LLC, which was recently acquired by Emerson.

The Nels Tyring Award

The Nels Tyring Award recognizes the author or authors of the best published article in one of the Society's journals. The award category was established in honor of Nels Tyring, an ISA member who served for many years as the chair of the journals editorial advisory and oversight committee. The recipient of this year's award is Mark Coughran for his article, "Know when to look outside the PID tuning," (www.isa.org/intech/20160806). Coughran is a senior process control consultant at Emerson Process Management.

The Raymond D. Molloy Award

The Raymond D. Molloy Award is presented annually in honor of Raymond D. Molloy's contributions to the automation profession. Molloy was dedicated to the ISA publications program for more than 20 years, maintaining a keen interest in developing high-quality publications for measurement and control professionals. This year's award recipient is Nabil E. Battikha, PE, for his book, The Condensed Handbook of Measurement and Control, Third Edition (fourth edition now on sale), which outsold all other ISA books published in 2016.

ISA Transactions Best Paper Award

This award recognizes the best technical paper published during the previous year in ISA Transactions, the ISA professional journal dedicated to the science and engineering of measurement and automation. The recipients of the award are Marcin Mrugalski, Marcel Luzar, Marcin Pazera, Marcin Witczak, and Christophe Aubrun. The review committee recognized their paper, "Neural network-based robust actuator fault diagnosis for a non-linear multi-tank system."

Mrugalski is an assistant professor of automatic control and robotics at the Institute of Control and Computation Engineering, University of Zielona Góra, Poland. Luzar is a university assistant; Pazera is a doctoral student; and Witczak is an associate professor of automatic control and robotics at the institute. Aubrun is a full professor teaching automatic control at the University Henri Poincaré in Nancy, France.

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