ISA Certified Automation Professional (CAP) program

Certified Automation Professionals (CAPs) are responsible for the direction, design, and deployment of systems and equipment for manufacturing and control systems.

CAP question

A final report on a highly visible automation project will be distributed to senior leaders and several operations managers. In preparing this report, an engineer would be well served to:

A. define any geometric tolerance symbols present in report diagrams.
B. explain how troubleshooting procedures solved unexpected crises and plan deviations.
C. include an executive summary, and, as appropriate, use bulleted lists in the narrative.
D. review how cost, performance, and schedules were estimated, measured, and controlled.

CAP Answer

The correct answer is C, “include an executive summary, and, as appropriate, use bulleted lists in the narrative.” Very often, senior leaders and management have limited time to spend on any one topic. An executive summary and bullet-item lists allow them to understand the basic outcomes and conclusions of your project in a concise, logical, and efficient format.

Choices A, B, and D may represent important aspects of the overall understanding of the report, but these are details that can be examined once the overall conclusions are absorbed, if there is a desire to do so.

Reference: Trevathan, Vernon L., A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, Second Edition, ISA, 2006.

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