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Engineering Competency Model wins award

The American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES)—of which ISA is a member—has earned a 2016 American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) “Power of A” Gold award for its Engineering Competency Model. The model is a guide for the development of professionals in the engineering workforce, and it promotes an understanding of the skill sets and competencies that are essential to educate and train a globally competitive engineering workforce. ISA was a driving force to unify the larger engineering community in the development of the Engineering Competency Model, which is built upon ISA’s Automation Competency Model.

Funded by a grant from the United Engineering Foundation, the model was developed by AAES in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration and AAES subject-matter experts from education, industry, and private practice. Over a period of about 15 months, the model was created via a thorough development process engaging stakeholders within the engineering community.

The Engineering Competency Model has four tiers that depict the required key competencies in a pyramid. Tiers one through four include personal, academic, workplace, and technical competencies that are common to the engineering profession. AAES encourages adoption of the model and development of fifth tiers to include discipline-specific competencies. Tier six, a final optional tier, is divided into two areas: competencies needed for management and occupation-specific requirements for a particular position within the engineering profession.

In July 2015, the Department of Labor’s Competency Model Clearinghouse website launched the model. Since then, awareness of the model has been spreading through journal and magazine articles, social media, and conference presentations.

Resources, including a two-minute video and PowerPoint presentation with speaker’s guide, have been created for faculty, guidance counselors, and others who work with individuals entering the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) pipeline, to give specific guidance on the core competencies and skills not only necessary for entering the engineering profession, but also for maintaining proficiency during one’s career. The resources, which can be downloaded from, are relevant to association leaders and practicing engineers as well.

ASAE honored AAES for its model, which is vital to informing discussions among industry leaders, employers, human resource professionals, educators, and workforce professionals as they collaborate to identify specific employer skill needs, develop competency-based curricula and training models, and develop industry-defined performance indicators, skill standards, and certifications.

“The development of the Engineering Competency Model demonstrates the power of associations coming together to collectively achieve what an individual association cannot do alone,” said Alyse Stofer, AAES chair. “The model brought together leaders from a variety of engineering disciplines to establish a more consistent guideline on the competencies that are common to all engineers.”

ASAE’s Power of A Awards (, the industry’s highest honor, recognize the association community’s valuable contributions on the local, national, and global levels. These awards reward outstanding accomplishments of associations and industry professionals for their efforts to enrich lives, create a competitive workforce, prepare society for the future, drive innovation, and make a better world.

In memoriam

ISA Fellow William R. Hodson, 72, of Franconia Township, Pa., passed away on 7 September 2016. Hodson earned a BS in electrical engineering from Drexel University and an MS in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland. He worked as a staff engineering consultant for the Leeds & Northrup Company in North Wales, Pa., for 27 years. Hodson then worked for Max Control Systems and Honeywell, where he was a control system architect. After retiring from Honeywell, he started his own consulting business related to the international industrial communications standards that he had helped to develop during his career. He had eleven U.S. patents issued to him as inventor. 

Hodson was a member of the ISA Philadelphia section and a major player on the fieldbus committee. In 2015, the Standards and Practices Committee recognized Hodson for his technical contributions in the development of ANSI/ISA-TR100.15.01, Backhaul Architecture Model: Secured Connectivity over Untrusted or Trusted Networks at the ISA Leaders Meeting.

For leisure, Hodson was interested in railroads and rail history, serving on the board of the Reading Company Technical and Historical Society. He loved family and friends and spending time with them camping, water skiing, hiking, biking, and traveling.

New CAPs and CCSTs

Qualifying for and passing one of ISA’s certification exams is a noteworthy accomplishment. The exams are rigorous and require a solid command of various disciplines in automation and control. Below is a list of individuals who have recently passed either our Certified Automation Professional (CAP) or one of the three levels of our Certified Control System Technician (CCST) exam. Congratulations to our new certification holders! For more information about the ISA CAP and CCST certification programs, please visit

Certified Control System Technicians

Name Company Location
Robert Waschneck None U.S.
Brandon S. Adrian Metro Wastewater Reclamation District U.S.
James Roble None U.S.
Joseph E. Selkregg City of San Jose U.S.
Eric D. Hovland City of San Jose U.S.
Tony J. Amaral City of San Jose U.S.
Elliott C. Prest City of San Jose U.S.
Marton T. Peralta City of San Jose U.S.
Daniel W. Mos Epcor Water Services Canada
Eric M. Buckman None U.S.
Seth W. Goertz Suez U.S.
Michael J. Snee None U.S.
Timothy L. Perry None U.S.
Kyle E. Preston None U.S.
Brandon W. Ballard San Jacinto River Authority U.S.
Charles E. Kingsley Burner Design & Control U.S.
Blain A. Powers Hillsborough County Water Dept. U.S.
Michael Montez None U.S.
Tia B. Hill BP Chemical U.S.
Travis L. Berry BP Chemical U.S.
Cody W. Jackson BP Chemical U.S.
Robert A. Knight BP Chemical U.S.
Timothy J. Combahee BP Chemical U.S.
Jessie Smiley Metropolitan Water District U.S.
Charles E. Johnson Metropolitan Water District U.S.
Quang Ho Metropolitan Water District U.S.
Timothy R. Kunes Metropolitan Water District U.S.
David A. Hall Metropolitan Water District U.S.
Nicholas A. Panico Metropolitan Water District U.S.
Andrew T. Kolbenschlag None U.S.
Anne M. Holladay None U.S.
Kevin S. Elgin None U.S.
Bernard Ellis Cobb County U.S.
Sean O’Connor The Clorox Co. U.S.
Stephen Gare None U.S.
Christopher R. Andrews UTAS Landing Systems U.S.
Tyler J. Laranjo None U.S.
Alexander J. Kuchta None U.S.
Michael P. Moehringer Dominion Transmission Inc. U.S.
Daniel E. Witschen None U.S.
Allen Mathis Valero U.S.
Samuel Fitzgerald Cofer Valero U.S.
Dillion G. Y’Barbo Valero U.S.
Blake J. Hale Valero U.S.
Nicholas J. Hicks Valero U.S.
Michael Ortega None U.S.
Jason R. Barnes Prime Controls U.S.
Christopher Shane Clements None U.S.
David B. Smith South Valley Water Reclamation Facility U.S.
Stephen W. Jankovich None U.S.
Rowland D. Ketchersid None U.S.
John P. Cervantes San Jacinto River Authority U.S.
Thomas C. Sainio None U.S.
James A. Juristy AECOM URS E&C U.S.

Certified Automation Professionals

Name Company Location
Abdelghani A. Daraiseh Aramco Saudi Arabia
Calen J. Moerman None U.S.
Ronald Villaros Villar Petrokon Utama Sendirian Berhad Brunei
Wael A. Rahman Sayed Petroleum Development Oman-Shell Oman
Raymond E. Parazin Xcel Energy – Black Dog U.S.
Phuoc Bao Chi None Switzerland
Mark J. Regis None U.S.
Robert J. Croom None U.S.

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