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In memoriam

Mark Howarth, past president, ISA England Section (1997-1998) and group chairman and managing director of KC Controls, Crawley, U.K., died 16 August 2016 after a spirited fight with pancreatic cancer. Howarth started his career as an apprentice at Eurotherm, later moving to Rosemount (then Fisher-Rosemount)\, where he formed many friendships by his grasp of both the technical and commercial aspects of all disciplines within measurement and control. He had the gift of being able to explain simply the principles of (for example) a Coriolis flow and to inspire others to go out and sell. He became U.K. product manager and then European marketing manager with Fisher-Rosemount before roles as sales director of Peek Measurement and managing director of the Platon flow controls division of Roxspur Measurement.

He was an active member of the ISA England Section, serving as a committee member and then president. In 2000, Howarth joined KC Controls in Crawley as managing director and shaped its growth in the 21st century, trying many innovative management theories. He worked incessantly, but still found time for his family, the Scouts, and his church and lodge.

-By David White, ISA England section president 1998-2000, KC Controls regional sales manager 2005-2012

New CAPs and CCSTs

Qualifying for and passing one of ISA's certification exams is a noteworthy accomplishment. The exams are rigorous and require a solid command of various disciplines in automation and control. Below is a list of individuals who have recently passed either our Certified Automation Professional (CAP) or one of the three levels of our Certified Control System Technician (CCST) exam. Congratulations to our new certification holders! For more information about the ISA CAP and CCST certification programs, please visit www.isa.org/training-and-certifications/isa-certification.

Certified Control System Technicians

Name Company Location
George Anderson None U.S.
Logan D. Berll None U.S.
Todd E. Boyer None U.S.
William T. White C&W Services U.S.
Karen Kay Green DC Water U.S.
Brian Montalvo DC Water U.S.
Quinton F. Jones None U.S.
Marcos E. Rodriguez None U.S.
Joshua N. Webb None U.S.
Hock-Chee Lee The Dow Chemical Co. U.S.
Todd E. Sammons NRG Energy Center Minneapolis LLC U.S.
David A. Ball None U.S.
Robert A. Gray None U.S.
Charles J. Bethke Tourgee & Associates Inc. U.S.
Joseph P. Durocher None U.S.
Dorne W. Soto None U.S.
Jose Elizondo None U.S.
Chirs A. Palmisano None U.S.
Yost D. Jarrod None U.S.
John F. Mueller None U.S.
Robin C. Horton Jr. Flint Hills Resources U.S.
Mark A. Williams None U.S.
Daniel R. Brewer NGKF U.S.
Shannon J. Havens None U.S.
Joseph W. Drogowski None U.S.
Michael A. Leblanc None U.S.
Benjamin A. Ellisor Nalco Champion U.S.
Ronald Bell None U.S.
Douglas J. Zalewski City of Aurora Water Dept. U.S.
Saiful Chowdhury Jubail United Petrochemical Co. Saudi Arabia
Wilson G. Wong Union Sanitary District U.S.
Dustin L. Shrader IBEW Local 613 U.S.
Kyle A. Klawinsky None U.S.
Michael A. Leblanc None U.S.
Jason A. Workman Swanson Flo U.S.
Jeffrey M. Milani Swanson Flo U.S.
Mark A. Pierce None U.S.
Patrick McIndoe Linde U.S.
Brandon H. Johnson Nektar Therapeutics U.S.
Troy J. Williams Aquarion Water U.S.
Morrison W. Corbitt Greenville Utilities U.S.
Derek L. Cichewicz None U.S.
Jeremy G. Riley None U.S.
Deborah Becker None U.S.
Ronald W. Johnson None U.S.
Steven M. Klein None U.S.

Certified Automation Professionals

Name Company Location
David L. Clark Nexlube U.S.
Balogun Akanbi Sunday None Nigeria
Roman I. Kotliar None U.S.
Jaiyeola M. Idowu Nigeria LNG Ltd. Nigeria
Andrew J. Friend Iowa State University U.S.
Obaidullah Ahmed Syed Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia
David Tyler DeMars CHS Inc. U.S.
Anthony J. Tuccillo Iroquois Pipeline Operating Co. U.S.
Benjamin G. Amoss None U.S.
Christopher H. Gist Rockwell Automation U.S.
Paolo Romel E. Ramos None U.S.
Ariffen Adnan Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia
Edgar Rojas Dolophin Ingenieria Colombia
Brandon K. Rongey Duke Energy U.S.
Joshua D. Galloway Koch Industries LLC U.S.
Abdul Jabber Yokogawa Europe Solutions Netherlands The Netherlands
Alexander Mazin Lakeside Process Controls Canada
Gregory Bocak None U.S.
Shawn Q. Armstrong None U.S.
Amupa Beharrysingh Fluor Enterprise U.S.

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