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HART calibration assistant

The 154 HART calibration assistant is a standalone tablet-based communication tool for HART configuration. The 154 provides HART communication functionality. When combined with a 750 series documenting process calibrator or 720 series multifunction process calibrator, the user can calibrate the full range of HART devices used in the process industry.

The Android-based tablet comes configured with the FlukeHART mobile app that uses a long-range wireless HART modem, which connects to the HART transmitter being tested or configured. Technicians can wirelessly communicate with the device up to 250 feet away, eliminating the need for them to stand next to the device. They can work from a safer, more convenient location.

The 154 has full HART device description (DD) support of all HART devices and can monitor PV, SV, TV, QV, and other measured HART variables. Quarterly DD updates can be downloaded free from the company's website for three years from the first use of the product.

The calibration assistant includes a configurable connection cable that accepts either hook clips for connecting to wires or extended tooth alligator clips designed to connect to transmitter connection screw heads. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for several days of device testing and configuration under normal conditions.

Fluke, www.fluke.com

HART communicator app

The company released a major update to its DevComDroid app, an Android-based smart-device communicator application for HART instruments. The app uses the device descriptor (DD) for the connected HART device, so the user has full access to every parameter and method. The app, in combination with a Bluetooth HART modem, is a full-functioned HART communicator. The entire DD library from the FieldComm group is included, and users can add new DDs. A HART communicator that uses DDs can perform full configurations of valves, multivariable devices, and complex devices, such as radar level and Coriolis flowmeters.

DevComDroid allows the user to view and edit device parameters and save all the device parameters as a PDF. The file can then be shared via the mobile network connections in an Android device.

ProComSol, www.procomsol.com

Connector for HART-IP

The OSIsoft PI connector for HART-IP is a link between HART field devices and the PI system enterprise software infrastructure for managing streaming sensor data in real time. The connector automatically maps wired and WirelessHART devices to the asset structure in the PI server. End users can benefit from their intelligent field networks faster, more easily, and at lower overall cost.

The PI connector for HART-IP uses the PI system to deliver information to application suites. The connector reduces the cost and effort needed to access and use information from smart wireless gateways and HART multiplexers. Before this release, some information from HART devices was only available through OPC connections that had to be made on a time-consuming point-by-point basis. With this connector, all the necessary linkages populate to their respective applications automatically, giving the user instant access to valuable process and diagnostic information.

The software is based on the Microsoft operating system and is both modular and highly scalable. It can run on its own server or on the PI system infrastructure hardware. Information from wireless gateways and multiplexers goes directly to the PI system and is not dependent on the plant's basic process control system.

Emerson Process Management, www.emerson.com

HART temperature transmitter

The 7501 HART temperature transmitter delivers HART 7 functionality with HART 5 compatibility and can be configured to measure two-, three-, and four-wire RTDs, 13 different thermocouple types, and bipolar mV and resistance signals. It also provides an analog output. The field-mounted Ex d explosion- and flameproof temperature transmitter has a local operator interface for programming, reviewing, and diagnosing process values in the field.

A user can configure the transmitter from the front of the housing in any environment by simply touching the optical buttons, even when wearing gloves. He or she can also perform advanced HART programming from the front, and as a result, significantly reduce the need for handheld communicators. The 60-mm high-definition display clearly indicates the process magnitude, supported by a radial bar graph in real time.

The transmitter has three mounting options: on the temperature sensor, on a pipe, or on a bulkhead. Configuration is logical, with scrolling help texts and three optical buttons: up arrow, down arrow, and OK. With the help of the PR menu guide, it is possible to configure the device in less than 1 minute.

PR Electronics, www.prelectronics.com

FLEX I/O-XT module

The HART-enabled Allen-Bradley FLEX I/O-XT module is an industrially hardened I/O platform that helps original equipment manufacturers and end users reduce wiring, installation time, and enclosure costs. As industrial applications continue to move into remote locations around the world, the market requires specially designed control equipment to survive extreme environments. The new HART-enabled I/O modules access data from smart field devices that were previously isolated in harsh environments, helping feed performance data into asset management software for a more holistic view of operations and maintenance needs.

The FLEX I/O-XT modules are coated to protect against corrosives, dust\, gases, salt, condensation, humidity, and fungal growth. This industrial hardening eliminates the need for an enclosure and the additional installation and energy costs associated with auxiliary heating and cooling systems. The industrial coating to protect from airborne pollutants and moisture\, paired with a 20 °C to 70 °C (4 °F to 185 °F) temperature range, make the modules suitable for environmentally demanding environments, including energy and power generation, water and wastewater, and on-ship applications.

Rockwell Automation, www.rockwellautomation.com

HART 7 transmitters

The One series 1XTXSW HART-capable transmitters have programmable switching functionality for industrial process monitoring applications. The transmitters integrate HART 7compatible 420 mA output and two solid-state programmable relays for monitoring temperature or pressure in safety, alarm, and emergency shutdown applications.

End users deploying a HART communication network can add switches to the list of field assets in their predictive maintenance strategy and reduce routine inspections and unplanned shutdowns. Typical electromechanical switches are blind and cannot alert workers that something is amiss with the device. Combining HART and smart diagnostics in the device, workers can manage all their instrumentation assets including switches using a centralized asset management solution. By focusing on only the devices with problems, time is not wasted on healthy devices.

These smart transmitters also include the company's I am working discrete diagnostic output for remote monitoring from a PLC or DCS. A large backlit display shows process values, set-point programming, and health and switch status notifications, all at about half the cost of a traditional process control transmitter.

Industrial sensors monitor temperature or pressure abnormalities by comparing the process conditions with preprogrammed set points in a PLC or DCS controller. The controller actuates external relays, which accordingly switch devices on or off for safety, alarm, and shutdown functions. The One series 1XTXSW hybrid transmitter-switch replaces a gauge, a switch, and a transmitter, requiring only one connection to the process. It reduces costs and potential media leaks while increasing reliability.

United Electric Controls, www.ueonline.com

Modbus modules

The company's two universal Modbus modules connect CompactLogix controllers to any Modbus/TCP or Modbus serial networks from the same module, even at the same time. The first module is a standard version (SST-ERS2-CPX-S), and the second is a plus version (SST-ESR2-CPX-P), which supports extended addressing to 30,000 I/O and up to 256 Modbus commands per port. The modules have two independent RS232/RS422/RS485 serial ports that support ASCII and RTU formats. The ports can be configured to operate as Modbus masters or Modbus slaves. Each module has one Ethernet port that executes Modbus TCP protocol.

Molex, LLC, www.molex.com

Hazardous location certified

The PFC200 750-82xx, a compact, performance-class PLC, is now ANSI/ISA-12.12.01 certified for operation in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations. Besides multiple network and fieldbus interfaces, the controller supports all digital, analog, and specialty modules found within the 750/753 series. The PFC200 has a high-speed processor (600 MHz ARM Cortex A8), multiple fieldbus ports, and 256-MB onboard, 32-GB removable memory. Acting as a fieldbus gateway, the PFC200 communicates between Modbus TCP/UDP/RTU, CAN, Profibus, Smart Grid, and RS-232/RS-485, eliminating the need for third-party converters. Additional certifications for the PFC200 include ATEX and UL508.

WAGO, www.wago.us

Pressure-rated ultrasonic sensors

The pressure-rated ultrasonic sensors are suitable for fill level measurement applications under normal pressure or in tanks and containers with an overpressure of up to 6 bar of pressure. Software filters also allow the sensors to be installed into containers filled from above or that have a stirring system. A fill level measurement can be carried out at the same time as overflow protection through the combination of switching outputs and analog outputs.

The sensors also have stainless-steel, chemical-resistant housings and a PTFE membrane that protects them from aggressive fluids and chemicals. In addition, the digital display and bright LEDs offer immediately visible results. With touch control, all settings are made on the sensor housing. The three-digit LED indicator continuously displays the current distance value.

Balluff, www.balluff.com

Thermal dispersion flow switch

The SP series thermal dispersion flow switch is available in stainless-steel construction with insertion lengths from 1 to 8 inches. The SP series is for use in monitoring flow/no-flow conditions of liquids in pipes and other conduits with absolutely no moving parts for a longer life and enhanced reliability. The flow switches use thermal dispersion flow detection technology to detect flow and no-flow conditions. Adjustable sensitivity and alarm threshold make the SP flow switch suitable for most flow detection applications. Two thermal sensing elements are contained within the single probe element. One is maintained at a constant temperature, and the other varies with the fluid flow. The temperature difference is related to flow.

Aplus Finetek, www.aplusfine.com

Amplified pressure sensors

The CPA 602 series of media-isolated pressure sensors are piezoresistive monolithic ceramic pressure sensors. They have chemical resistance and mechanical robustness. Using thick-film technology, the measuring bridge is printed directly onto one side of the ceramic diaphragm. The structure-free backside can be directly exposed to the medium to be measured. Due to a high resistance to chemicals, additional protection is not necessary. These sensors are mostly unaffected by clamping effects after mounting, and therefore original equipment manufacturers can install them in different housings. The ceramic sensor is especially suitable for pasty, polluted, and aggressive media, and for oxygen applications.

All Sensors Corporation, www.allsensors.com

Ball valves for HVAC

The SM series actuated brass ball valves with compact electric actuators are for use in commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning applications. The lead-free brass automated ball valves are available in sizes from ½ to 2 inches. The devices have a one clip-pin actuator mounting system, which is stable and eliminates the cost, weight, and installation time required by valve-actuator mounting systems that require brackets and multiple fasteners.

The addition of a parabolic disc to the full port ball valve converts this valve from a standard on/off ball valve to an extremely precise flow control valve. The disc or flow optimizing trim makes the percentage of maximum flow increase evenly with direct relation to the percentage of the 90° rotation. This precise flow control reduces the energy costs to maintain building temperature.

The actuators are one size, fitting all valve line sizes, which simplifies and reduces inventory levels and reduces overall project costs. The on/off actuators are available in 12 VDC, 24 VAC, or 24 VDC. The modulating units are available with 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA control signals.

Typical applications include chilled and hot water coils for commercial applications, recycled water coils for air treatment systems, water coils for instantaneous production of hot water, static climate mixing circuits for heating systems, and convective and radiant cooling.

Assured Automation, www.assuredautomation.com

Contained workstation

The MicroFlow I is a ductless carbon-filtered workstation designed to collect small amounts of nonhazardous fumes and odors. The workstation is self-contained and can be easily moved from station to station. It has an integral, recessed work surface to contain spills and a clear hood surround with a safety viewing sash. The sash can be conformed for use with a microscope. Variable-speed fan control gives the option of high and medium speeds, or low flow for sensitive operations.

HEMCO, www.hemcocorp.com/mfi.html

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