• March 31, 2016
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The ISA standards and practices board is seeking input on the possible development of a series of standards on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, per the proposed scope and purpose below. Interested individuals are asked to reply by email to Charley Robinson, ISA Standards, crobinson@isa.org, to indicate:

  1. Would the standards as described be valuable to you in your industry or work—and if so, why?
  2. Would you be willing to participate actively on the potential ISA standards committee, attending Web conferences and providing input?

Scope: Develop a series of ISA standards and technical reports to improve the overall reliability of SCADA system design, installation, integration, and operation of the infrastructure for pipelines, water and wastewater, power, oil and gas, and other industries to improve the overall integrity and reliability of these systems.

Note: Existing standards address the individual components (controllers, human-machine interface, alarming, etc.) and associated protocols (DNP, IEC 61850, etc.), which represent various aspects of SCADA systems. However, there are no documents to address the need for consistent definition and implementation of the infrastructure to connect these elements to create, operate, and maintain a SCADA system throughout its life cycle.

Purpose: The standards and technical reports will provide guidance on how to implement effective reliable SCADA systems by documenting best practices in a range of industries. The anticipated plan is to develop one or more standards to be supplemented by technical reports expanding on implementation details and industry-specific guidelines.

Device integration committee adopts IEC standards on EDDL, FDI

ISA104, Device Integration, covers standards that represent device and interface descriptions for function control and data access of field devices in automation systems. The committee, chaired by Terry Blevins of Emerson Process Management, has recently voted to approve the adoption as ISA and American National Standards of the following IEC standards based on EDDL technology (www.eddl.org):

  • ISA-61804-3:2015, Function Blocks (FB) for process control and Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) — Part 3: EDDL syntax and semantics
  • ISA-61804-4:2015, Function blocks (FB) for process control and Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) — Part 4: EDD interpretation
  • ISA-61804-5:2015, Function blocks (FB) for process control and electronic device description language (EDDL) — Part 5: EDDL Built-in library

In addition, ISA104 has voted to approve the adoption as ISA and American National Standards of twelve IEC standards on FDI technology:

  • ISA-62769-1:2015, Field device integration (FDI) — Part 1: Overview
  • ISA-62769-2:2015, Field Device Integration (FDI) — Part 2: FDI Client
  • ISA-62769-3:2015, Field Device Integration (FDI) — Part 3: FDI Server
  • ISA-62769-4:2015, Field Device Integration (FDI) — Part 4: FDI Packages
  • ISA-62769-5:2015; Field Device Integration (FDI) — Part 5: FDI Information Model
  • ISA-62769-6:2015; Field Device Integration (FDI) — Part 6: FDI Technology Mapping
  • ISA-62769-7:2015, Field Device Integration (FDI) — Part 7: FDI Communication Devices
  • ISA-62769-101-1:2015, Field Device Integration (FDI) — Part 101-1: Profiles — Foundation Fieldbus H1
  • ISA-62769-101-2:2015, Field Device Integration (FDI) — Part 101-2: Profiles — Foundation Fieldbus HSE
  • ISA-62769-103-1:2015, Field Device Integration (FDI) — Part 103-1: Profiles — PROFIBUS
  • ISA-62769-103-4:2015, Field Device Integration (FDI) — Part 103-4: Profiles — PROFINET
  • ISA-62769-109-1:2015, Field Device Integration (FDI) — Part 109-1: Profiles — HART and WirelessHART

For information on FDI technology, visit www.fdi-cooperation.com.

Technology search group begins work

ISA’s technology search committee (TSC), chartered in late 2015, was formed to identify and evaluate new technical areas for possible development into ISA content, including standards, training resources, publications, and conference sessions. The TSC is a key element in the ISA strategic plan goal of developing timely, relevant content on important topics to meet the career enhancement and professional development needs of the automation community.

As a standing committee of the ISA technical assembly, the TSC is structured to provide expertise and advice on all areas of ISA content while working closely with ISA’s standards and practices, industries and sciences, and automation and technology departments. The TSC has undertaken an initial request from the standards and practices board to assess the topic “Industrial Internet of Things — automation.”

The TSC co-chairs, Donald Dunn of Phillips 66 and Tom Fiske of Yokogawa, have recruited an initial committee membership from diverse technology areas, from both within and outside the ISA membership. For more information, contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards, crobinson@isa.org. Submit ideas to ideas@isa.org.

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