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Turbine flowmeter

The Blancett B1500 turbine flowmeter is available in nominal line sizes from ¼ to 2 inches with an accuracy rating of ±0.25 percent of reading. B1500 flowmeters are suitable for standard clean, filtered liquid flow applications in precision industrial processes, such as batching, blending, filling, or general flow measurement. Mechanical linearity increases useable flow range and helps mitigate output variance caused by viscosity fluctuations due to changes in fluid temperature. Using a helical rotor design with high-performance ceramic ball bearings, B1500 meters have good speed of response and minimal pressure drop. Ceramic bearings are also lighter and more tolerant of extreme temperatures, and produce less friction than stainless-steel ball bearings. The meter is constructed of 316 stainless steel and is available with either ANSI flange or NPT end fittings.

Badger Meter, www.badgermeter.com

Gas ultrasonic meter

The Daniel 3410 series gas ultrasonic meter has dual transmitters and meters in a single body to help natural gas operators and pipelines improve reliability and efficiency. The device permits two completely independent measurements with the installation of a single flowmeter. The 3415 (four-path + one-path) and 3416 (four-path + two-path) gas ultrasonic flowmeters combine a four-path fiscal meter with an additional check meter, while the 3417 (four-path + four-path) meter provides two fiscal meters for full redundancy and equal accuracy within one meter body. This two-in-one redundant design gives continuous online verification of custody transfer measurement integrity, device health, and process conditions, and improves fiscal metering confidence and regulatory compliance.

Both Daniel 3415 and 3416 gas ultrasonic meters measure flow using four horizontal chordal paths in addition to a reflective path dedicated to verification of the primary measurement. For enhanced immunity to pipe wall contamination, the 3416 meter is equipped with an additional vertical reflective path to detect liquid or very thin layers of contamination at the bottom of the meter that otherwise remain completely hidden in a direct-path meter design. This allows reliable monitoring of process changes before they affect measurement, reducing calibration frequency and enabling maintenance based on conditions.

Emerson Process Management, www.emersonprocess.com

FMM series magmeters

The ProSense line now includes magnetic-inductive flowmeters (magmeters), which are one of the most widely used technologies for liquid flow monitoring in the industrial processes of wastewater, mining and minerals, utilities, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals. The FMM series, available with ½ to 2-inch NPT female process connections, has a four-digit numeric display with push-button setup, a four-pin M12 quick disconnect, and two outputs. The stainless-steel, mechanically robust design mounts directly in line.

ProSense FMM series (-1001) magmeters detect the flow rate of conductive media up to 160 gallons per minute. The four-digit numeric display indicates flow rate, fluid temperature, and total flow volume with selectable engineering units. Two outputs, selectable for switch, pulse, frequency, or analog signals, are available to remotely monitor the binary or analog status of flow rate/volume and temperature parameters.

ProSense FMM series (-1002) magmeters detect the flow rate of conductive media up to 158.5 gallons per minute. The four-digit numeric display indicates flow rate and fluid temperature with selectable engineering units. Two analog outputs are available to remotely monitor flow rate and temperature parameters.

AutomationDirect\, www.automationdirect.com


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