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By Bill Lydon, InTech, Chief Editor

The new year is here with the prospect of more changes in industry. The most striking recent change has been leveraging technology to harvest more oil and gas, significantly increasing supply. These changes remind us that the economics of supply and demand are still operative; the significant increase in supply, coupled with weaker demand, has resulted in the dramatic drop of oil prices. It is likely 2016 will be another year with changes. As automation professionals, the readers of InTech magazine have the skills to help their companies navigate and capitalize on change. The application of industrial automation to improve production efficiency lowers production costs and increases profit margins. Industrial automation investments contribute to companies lowering risks. These are some thoughts to consider regarding change.

Many times our first reaction to change is to resist. I would suggest when faced with change to think about what's bad and what's good about the change with an open mind. Acknowledge that there is only one thing you can control for sure and that is yourself. Rather than react to change, it is more important to act intelligently.

Put change into perspective by thinking about how much you can control and accepting what you cannot control. Spending time and energy trying to change things you cannot control is wasted energy and resources. Ask the question, what can I learn from this change that is positive, and will it expand my horizons?

With major changes, expect there may be an initial destabilizing shock that will probably alter normal work and business patterns. This can be unnerving, but recognize it as part of the change process. Many times, seeds of opportunity come with change. Your challenge is to find the opportunities and leverage them.

Automation professionals also have the opportunity to create positive change with the application of technology. It is good to set aside time to understand new methods and technologies that can be applied to improve your employer's efficiency and productivity and lower risk.

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