Latest series of ISA alarm management tech reports

ISA has published the latest in a series of technical reports that support the understanding and application of the widely used ANSI/ISA-18.2, Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries.

ISA-TR18.2.2, Alarm Identification and Rationalization, addresses alarm identification and rationalization for facilities in the process industries for such purposes as improving safety, environmental protection, product quality, equipment protection, and plant productivity. The methods described are applicable to batch and discrete processes as well as continuous processes.

Identification and rationalization covers the processes to determine the possible need for or a change to an alarm, to systematically compare alarms to the alarm philosophy, and to determine the alarm setpoint, consequence, operator action, priority, and class. Activities include, but are not limited to, identification, justification, prioritization, classification, and documentation.

For information on viewing or obtaining ANSI/ISA-18.2-2016 and the series of supporting technical reports including ISA-TR-18.2.2-2016, visit For information on ISA18, contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards, .
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