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ISA-Israel 4th Conference

Kfar Hamacabia
Monday, 14 November 2016
8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The ISA Israel Section is hosting its fourth conference on instrumentation, control, electrical and automation.

Topics will include:

  • Cybersecurity for automation systems
  • Industrial automation and new control technologies
  • Process measurement
  • Wireless communication

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ISA Bangalore - Tech Training
IoT, IIoT, and Industrie 4.0

Hotel Chancery
Lavelle Road, Bengaluru, Bengaluru 560 001 India
18-19 November 2016

One of the primary objectives of ISA is to “disseminate the highest quality, unbiased automation information worldwide.” In line with this goal, the ISA Bangalore Section has been conducting 'TechTraining', a unique learning opportunity for professionals and students. The comprehensive training rendered through this program is based on unbiased and vendor-neutral content delivered by experts in the automation industry. The topics covered are designed to improve understanding and deliver keen insights into key issues in automation technology. The training typically includes live demonstrations and practical case studies.

Benefits of ISA Bangalore's TechTraining 
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Network with automation professionals
  • Enhance on-the-job performance
  • Gain certificate of participation
Course Introduction: IoT, IIoT, and Industrie 4.0

Without a doubt, the Internet has changed the global landscape of data movement among all avenues and locations, and including all formats, be it text, audio, or video. All types of data are treated alike and employ standard data communication techniques and practices for its transportation. The Internet, being a node-based architecture, employs store/forward technique for data movement. With high-speed communication channels (3G, 4G, 5G, etc.), the data movement over the Internet has become very fast and efficient because of the negligible amount time required for store/forward of the data at each node.

The proposed training program discusses the application of the above developments for integration of all intelligent and communicable assets distributed in the physical world over the Internet (Internet of Things) and the related extensions in the manufacturing industry (Industrial Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0).

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is relatively a new concept for connecting Things (anything and everything in the physical world) that are intelligent and communicable for collecting and transporting data from one place to another on the globe over Internet. The driving philosophy of IoT is to connect all physical devices (Things) for collecting their relevant data in real-time for managing the 'Things' better and to make them more reliable and predictive.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

IIoT is an application of IoT technology in manufacturing industry. IIoT requires all the participating devices/machines in the manufacturing process to be smart (intelligent and communicable). It is expected to lead to more accurate and consistent logging of large amount of high-speed data. In turn, the comprehensive real-time and off-line analytics of such data would enable identification of production bottlenecks, quality deficiencies, worker safety issues etc., and enable predictive maintenance.

Industrie 4.0

Industrie 4.0, termed as the fourth industrial revolution, refers to total computerization of manufacturing (smart factory). Industrie 4.0 is a collective term used for a number of contemporary technologies and concepts such as automation, data exchange, lean manufacturing, etc., all put together for value chain organization. Industrie 4.0 consists of a network of cyber-physical systems (manufacturing processes), Internet of Things (Machines), and Internet of Services (cross organizational services). The driving principles are: interoperability, virtualization, decentralization, real-time capability, and modularity among manufacturing industries.

Let ISA Bangalore facilitate your technical update on these fast-evolving emerging technologies.

The in-depth training offered over two days by experts from companies such as ABB, Siemens, Intel, and Infosys will launch your journey toward a new, exciting horizon.

Who should attend? 
  • Automation component manufacturers
  • Automation solution providers
  • End users in manufacturing, such as the automobile, consumer durables, pharma, process industries, etc.
  • Companies in IT and ITES
  • Faculty and students related with automation programs
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ISA Toronto Expo 2016

Sandman Signature Hotel
5400 Dixie Road
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4W 4T4
Thursday, 24 November, 2016
1 p.m. to 8 p.m.

ISA’s Toronto Section is pleased to announce the ISA Toronto Expo 2016. This is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Discover the latest trends in automation
  • Get hands-on demonstration of products
  • Explore locally available products, services, and resources
  • Network with fellow peers/companies from the industry
  • Discover current job opportunities in the field of automation
  • Win exciting prizes

Be a part of GTA Automation World!

For more information, visit: or contact Reynold Ramdial


ISA Texas Channel Section Scholarship Golf Tournament

The Battleground Gold Course at Deer Park
1600 Georgia Avenue, Deer Park, TX 77536
Friday, 9 December 2016
9 a.m.

Please join the Texas Channel Section for the 2nd annual scholarship golf tournament in the heart of the ship channel. For more details, visit or contact Amanda Hardy at

Toledo Section Exposition and Symposium

Holiday Inn French Quarter
10630 Fremont Pike Perrysburg, OH 43551-3354
Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Discover more than 30 vendors displaying all kinds of instrumentation and electrical Equipment. Up to four informational seminars will be held. Door prizes will be awarded and lunch is free to visitors and attendees!

Cost for attendees: Free!

For more Information, visit or contact David Trautlein

St. Louis Program Year Kick-off

ISA’s St. Louis Section is proud to announce a great start to the 2016-2017 Program Year. In September, the section hosted an informative presentation on cybersecurity by RKNeal, one of the companies that presented at this year’s ISA Power Industry (POWID) Symposium. The event, held at Square One Brewery and Distillery, provided an opportunity to those gathered to learn and enjoy some local craft beer.

On 11 October, discussions continued with a presentation from Turck on field logic controllers and some of the new web-based programming capabilities being released to the industry. ISA’s St. Louis Section is grateful to Neff Power for opening its facility and helping to sponsor the meeting.

To stay up-to-date with the St. Louis Section, check out the section’s website ( or follow it on Twitter (@isastlouis), Facebook ( or LinkedIn (

Wednesday evenings are for exam preparation! 

In the United States, engineers are licensed at the state level by professional licensing boards.  In Texas, the TBPE (Texas Board of Professional Engineers) is the responsible agency. This year, 28 October was the only time the PE (Professional Engineer) Exam in the discipline of control systems engineering was offered.

For the past four years, in the 10 weeks leading up to the exam, the ISA Houston Section has offered to help its members prepare for the CSE exam by hosting weekly study group sessions at a convenient local venue. In its fifth year of the initiative, Amec Foster Wheeler has been kind enough to host the sessions at its building in the Energy Corridor. Houston Section Education Director Steven Paul Romero has served as facilitator, arranging for session presenters and using the NCEES Control Systems Exam Specifications as a guide.

In addition, ISA has given participants a generous 50% discount on study materials published by the Society. ISA corporate partners, such as Emerson, have also provided study materials, such as the Natural Gas Technologies Application Guide. The sessions began on 24 August 2016 and for 10 consecutive Wednesday evenings, the group of 15 to 20 participants met for two hours to prepare. As the exam date approached, the intensity of the sessions was ramped up.

Nov Insights pic 7
ISAHS CSE Study Group Photo #1: From left to right in the foreground:  Moorthy Ramasamy, Kamal Sadhasivam, and Sandeep Parekh

Nov Insights pic 6
ISAHS CSE Study Group Photo #2: From left to right in the foreground: Yahir Ferral, Aracely Acevedo, Caitlin Melesky, and Ankita Patel

Automation in Power Distribution Network 

ISA São Paulo held a Technical Meeting on Automation in Aerial Power Distribution Network at AES Brazil on 10 October. The event included six technical sessions, four exhibitors, and 160 participants. Seventy of the participants were employed by AES Brazil. All participants were able to visit the Eletropaulo Operations Center.

Nov Insights pic 5

The event was initiated by the Technology Management Distribution AES Eletropaulo. Antonio Manoel de Almeida and Ana Cristina Rodrigues, President of ISA Sao Paulo Section, and the Director of Technical Standards of ISA District 4, discussed: ISA's role and how it is organized in Brazil; ISA technical standards committees and study groups in Brazil; and how ISA contributes to the energy sector.

Nov Insights pic 4

Dárcio de Souza Dias, Innovation Manager within the Automation Planning Department, Engineering and Construction Distribution of AES Eletropaulo presented an overview of the automation of the AES Eletropaulo power distribution network.

Licyomar Hugo Ulrich, Solutions Architect, and Gilson Nascimento, Service Engineer at Schneider Electric, presented the automatic recovery solutions for power distribution overhead networks (self-healing), such as: automatic restoration systems (self-healing); automatic restoration of supply for critical loads (ACO - Auto Change Over); automatic restoration of supply to sections without lack of open loop circuits (LA / ILA - Loop Automation/Loop Intelligent Automation); automatic establishment of supply for sections without fail (Ihla Intelligent Head Loop Automation); and recovery in series: recomposition of radial networks after a foul.

Marcos Machado, Solutions Manager at Landis + Gyr, presented on the analytical advanced grid for improved indicators and gain reliability.

Moxa Brazil, represented by Felipe Costa, Applications Manager for the Energy Sector; addressed the technological communication trends for the energy market and talked about how to prioritize the information within the IEC-61850 (QoS), high availability protocols: PRP and HSR, cybersecurity applied to substations and operation centers, increasing assertiveness in maintaining substations via MMS.

After a break, Ricardo Teixeira, Energy Automation Solutions Manager at Eaton in Brazil, presented some methods of analysis and electrical calculation for the precise identification of reliable indicators throughout the distribution network, the best location of equipment (such as reclosers and fault indicators), and the impact of these types of automation equipment with the control center. He also addressed cases of successful solutions and improvements achieved by the inclusion of automation and self-healing.

Marcio Goes, Business Manager for Latin America of Flir Systems, presented thermography techniques for predictive inspection equipment essential to the pursuit of excellence in asset management in the electricity sector. He covered monitoring in substations through thermal inspection; inspection of overhead power lines transmission through high-resolution cameras; identification of the exact points of SF6 leakage circuit breakers; and inspection of distribution networks through cameras installed in vehicles; and by radiometric cameras High resolution with the help of drones.

The last technical lecture was conducted by Leandro Pires, Industrial IT Product Manager of Belden in Brazil. He presented on the topic of industrial cybersecurity in communication networks of substation automation systems. He addressed the requirements and trends for data communication in substation automation systems (SAS) and network topologies for electrical substations and how to implement cybersecurity in an electrical substation: strategy 'defense in depth.'

The event included a large exhibition area where participants learned about software and equipment that assist automation in the power distribution network.

The Electron company showcased its solutions for protecting and monitoring transformers and reactors through microprocessor relays that allow the safe operation of the machines in their conditions of maximum performance. Through constant monitoring in real time, the most important variables include temperature windings, oil loading percentage, electric currents, line voltage, and membrane integrity of the expansion tank TAPs management etc.. Managing these issues is essential to substation safety and a more reliable and controlled distribution network.

Flir Systems displayed its thermography solutions for predictive inspection equipment: lines FLIR cameras T1020, T660, GF306, A310pt, ax8 and drone.

Nov Insights pic 1

Siemens Industry Software presented integrated solutions in automating distribution networks, including field devices, communication, automation and integration of IT/OT, as well as software solutions for integrated management of plant data. Particular interest was generated by the sensor fault and the semi-centralized self-healing system, which operates the substation without the need for a general server. This supports faster and safer recovery of the electrical system and the COMOS engineering software, which relies on a single database that performs the integrated management of plant information, working from planning to maintenance, and involving different disciplines resulting in more efficient,  economical and safe designs.

WAGO introduced its Telecontrol PFC200 and XTR controllers, which provide the IEC 61850 protocols, IEC 61870, DNP3 and Modbus, offering solutions for various applications of SMART GRID and control and monitoring in power distribution. In addition to being robust hardware with high insulation, it can withstand temperatures of -40 to + 60 ° C. Telecontrol controllers can be programmed in up to 6 different programming languages per IEC 61131-3. A setup wizard of Telecontrol protocols, IEC Configurator ensures a fast and convenient way of integration and controlling the data center. The various IT resources and versions with integrated 3G modem provide different function controllers, such as sending e-mails and SMS communications with databases. Other special features, such as VPN and Firewall, were also integrated to ensure cybersecurity.



On 18 October, Sabesp, a water/wastewater company from São Paulo, held a pre-meeting between its regional automation teams and the sponsors of the III ISA Symposium São Paulo Automation Systems Water and Sewer to be held on 28 November in São Paulo. The sponsors included the ABB company, Advantech, Danfoss, Ellipse, Ladder, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Sense and Wago.

In this meeting, the sponsors were given a brief history of automation in Sabesp, which was presented by Edison Airoldi, Director of Technology, Enterprises and Environment. Following that presentation, Eng. Alex Orellana, Manager of Operation Engineering, discussed the main projects planned by Sabesp’s Corporate Engineering Department.

Nov Insights pic 2

After the presentations, ISA Sao Paulo Section Events Director Eng. Ricardo Simonacci encouraged a debate among the participants so they could align the topics of greatest interest among the automation teams for the symposium.

Wrapping up the morning meeting was a visit to the Sabesp Operations Center Pine, part of SCOA project, responsible for water distribution.

Nov Insights pic 3

In the afternoon, the ISA Sao Paulo Section presented the following lectures:

  • “ISA Technical Standards” by Ana Cristina Rodrigues, an automation engineer and director of technical standards within ISA District 4 (South America).
  • “Wireless Networks and the ISA100 Standard” by Marcio Venturelli, engineer at Westcon applications and a leader of the group studying standard ISA 100, organized by ISA District 4 (South America).
  • “Development of HMI / SCADA applications according to the ISA 101 Standard” by Marcelo Salvador, business director at Ellipse Software and member of the group of ISA 101 standard studies, organized by ISA District 4 (South America).

ISA-SOIND Celebrates Silver Jubilee

The ISA South India Section (SOIND) marks 2016 as a monumental year in its history. Having started in 1991, ISA SOIND is happy to inform all that it is celebrating its SILVER JUBILEE YEAR.

The District 14 section has witnessed steady growth through the years due to the vision, dedication, hard work, and the commitment exhibited by the past office bearers, executive committee, and the section members.

As the SOIND Section looks back over the past 25 years,  one constant area of focus since its inception has been ISA student sections. SOIND has continuously encouraged activities of the student sections and provided the necessary support and guidance to faculty advisors, and conducted regular programs and leadership meetings for students. Interactions of students with section leaders has been happening on a regular basis all these years. This has increased awareness about ISA activities among the student community, improved student involvement in ISA, and boosted the number of students pursuing leadership experience and careers in automation.

Since its formation, the section also has been regularly conducting technical talk sessions, technical workshops, and regional and international meetings for the benefit of all automation professionals.

Quite a few leaders and technical experts have emerged from the SOIND Section contributing significantly to ISA activities at the section, district and even at the international level. Some of these leaders also serve in various ISA Society committees.

Occasional visits of dignitaries from ISA headquarters and their interactions with SOIND section leaders have also been very encouraging.

Many supporters associated with SOIND have been honored with prestigious awards by ISA over the years, notably the following:

  • S. Raghavachari was the recipient of Bailey award from ISA n 1998.
  • S. Renganathan was honored with Donald P. Eckman award in 2000. (He is also the first ISA Fellow from Asia.)
  • Senior Life Member V. Nagendran was awarded Distinguished Society Service Award in 2011.
  • J. Prakash received the Emerging Leader of Year award in 2011. He was named ISA Fellow in 2014.  
  • Vimala Juliet was named ISA Fellow in 2016. She was honored for Excellence in Education and as Student Mentor of the Year in 2014 and as Volunteer Leader of the Year in 2015.
  • Many students associated with our student sections also have received ISA awards.

In these changing times in the world of automation, the SOIND Section is striving to communicate the value of ISA  to all members and automation professionals.

While the section is proud of its progress and achievements over the past 25 years, it’s no doubt  looking forward to reaching new heights in the future with the cooperation of all concerned.

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