• Standards, Jan. 2016

    Technology Search Committee begins work

    ISA’s new Technology Search Committee (TSC), approved by the Executive Board in late 2015, is chartered to identify and evaluate new technical areas for possible development into ISA content—including standards, training resources, publications, and conference sessions. The TSC is a key element in the ISA strategic plan goal of developing timely, relevant content on important topics to meet the career enhancement and professional development needs of the automation community.

    As a standing committee of the ISA Technical Assembly, the TSC is structured to provide expertise and advice on all areas of ISA content while working closely with the Standards & Practices, Industries & Sciences, and Automation & Technology departments. The TSC has undertaken an initial request from the Standards & Practices Board to assess the topic “industrial internet of things – automation.”

    Have an idea for an ISA standard, book, training course, conference topic, or other product or service? Send it to idea@isa.org.The TSC co-chairs, Donald Dunn of Phillips 66 and Tom Fiske of Yokogawa, have recruited an initial committee membership from diverse technology areas, from both within and outside the ISA membership. For more information, contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards, crobinson@isa.org.