ISA revamped Leader Resources page for Society leaders

ISA has developed a diverse range of valuable resources, tools, and guidelines to help division, district, and section leaders be more successful and carry out their varied responsibilities. Some of these resources are new and enhanced.  To improve access to and utilization of these important resources, ISA has significantly enhanced the Leader Resources page ( on the ISA website.

Particularly noteworthy are the new resources for section leaders. For instance, a new Section Operations Manual (SOM) is now live!! This manual (accessible at is designed to help section leaders improve section operations for the benefit of their members. The manual is listed on the Operating Documents page, which can be accessed on the enhanced Leader Resources page.

Enhancements also have been made to the section roster reports. To meet the needs of each member, membership types are more visible. Section reports are available in real time to the section president, president-elect, vice president, secretary, treasurer, membership chair, newsletter editor, and webmaster. Reports may be downloaded in Excel or pdf format.  An ISA pdf and video (scroll to the bottom of the page) provide step-by-step instructions on downloading roster reports.

Section leaders also are encouraged to join the new ISA Section Leaders Facebook Group and LinkedIn Group to get up-to-date news and information and to share best practices among section leaders.

In addition, some new ads will soon be available in 2017 that section leaders can use on websites and in newsletters. These ads will be posted on the ISA Logos, Templates, and Brochures page. ISA also will be sending section presidents a featured monthly ad. Stay tuned for more details.

ISA encourages all Society leaders to familiarize themselves with the improved Leader Resources page and its core listings:

  • Leadership structure - ISA organization chart, Society governance groups, and Society nominations
  • Leader meetings - Logistics and information about ISA's spring and fall governance meetings
  • Operating documents - Manuals, guides, and other documents to assist leaders in fulfilling their Society, division, district, and/or section responsibilities. You also will find guides and tutorials for creating ISA section microsites, and will have easy, centralized access to Society bylaws, a manual of organization and procedures, and essential policies and operational guidelines. ISA highly recommends that you familiarize yourself with these documents.
  • Administrative forms - Forms to be used by leaders in fulfilling their Society, division, district, and/or section responsibilities. You will find leader forms, budget templates, quarterly report forms, and more.
  • ISA logos, templates, and brochures - ISA provides logo files and templates for leaders to download to ensure adherence to ISA graphic standards. In addition, informative brochures and marketing materials are available for download to help you spread the word about ISA solutions in your newsletters and on your websites.
  • Leader training - Take advantage of training designed specifically for ISA section and division leaders. These training sessions provide the information, tools, and ideas leaders need to successfully perform their responsibilities. You can also access presentations that were conducted at recent leader meetings.
  • ISA Video Library - Discover an array of informative ISA videos on this page as well as those featured on ISA's YouTube site.

If you have any questions, please contact Member Services Manager   Rachael McGuffin.