• November 2015 Insights

    Section/District News

    ISA Israel Section - Explosion Protection Seminar

    24-25 November 2015
    Kfar Maccabiah Hotel
    Perets Bernstein St
    7 Ramat Gan, 52247, Israel

    Learn about explosion protection techniques, and receive training and competence certification. Contact Udi Kedem at info@shahar_hadash.com for more information.

    ISA District 12 launches biannual newsletter

    The District 12 Newsletter, District 12 News, was formally launched by Richard Roop, ISA President, on 11 October 2015 during the Fall Leaders Meeting in Louisville, KY, USA. It is a biannual newsletter to be published in April and October every year.

    ISA Ireland Section - September Tech Talk

    HAL-Company-LogoISA Ireland Section members conducted its first “tech talk” event of the year on 16 September 2015. The long summer break brought out much enthusiasm on the topic delivered by Cormac Garvey at Hal Software. Garvey and Michael Darcy have started an Irish home-grown software business. The presentation showcased their software for the prototyping of process systems, particularly around batch and in-line with the S88 and S95 standards.

    MESThe topic discussion was exceptional and valuable to both the members and the presenters. Garvey outlined the approach to and benefits of prototyping batch and MES control systems and what productivity gains can be made and how they aid the development of an Industry 4.0 factory-wide integration strategy. He briefly explained the benefits of python for rapid control and MES system wire framing, and demonstrated just how easy it is to use and to model plants P&ID drawings. This approach can be used to provide information flows in work groups and process modeling for specification documentation.

    System independent modeling creates an interactive prototype or model of a system,  allowing users (be it process or automation engineers) to model a system how they would like it to perform and simulate this function, independently of the hardware platform.

    Python is the fifth most widely used language on the planet and is already used in industrial automation as a testing and scripting language. It is the language of choice for “big data” data analytics. A demo of an MES weigh and dispense system as well as batch control system demo were conducted.

    For more information on the software, please refer to the following website:
    HAL stands for Hardware Abstraction Layer.

    ISA wishes them the best on their venture and will hear from them in the future, and if the amount of questions and discussions are anything to go by, they have a bright future.

    The next talk will have much to live up to as we follow on our push to provide some talks with a difference and innovative ideas for the new year.

    2016 Product Education Night (PEN Show)

    8 March 2016
    4 p.m. – 8 p.m.
    Columbia County Exhibition Center
    212 Partnership Drive
    Grovetown, Georgia 30813

    ISA’s Savannah River Section next year will host its annual Product Education Night also known as the PEN Show.  The event combines training seminars, product displays from vendors, and networking among professionals to provide the latest in industrial instrumentation and controls and share expertise for reducing costs, increasing productivity, and solving plant problems.

    For more information, please contact Dennis Cogan at dennis.cogan@hotmail.com

    ISA Bangalore Sweeps District Awards

    The ISA Bangalore Section is pleased to announce its many recognitions, including Best Section Performance and other outstanding achievements in the District.

    Outstanding Entrepreneur was awarded to Bangalore Section member Gautam Shenoy. The Lifetime Achievement award was given to Bangalore Section member K. Vasudevan, Ph.D. Professor K.L.S. Sharma, Ph.D., was presented the Distinguished Society Service award. The Best Student Section Performance award was presented to the VIT University Student Section. Finally, the Best Student Section Mentor special award for “Enduring Service to Student Sections” was awarded to Ram Kerur.

    Congratulations to ISA’s Bangalore Section!

    PHILLIPS 66 – Bayway Refinery Tour

    The ISA New Jersey Section held its October Program Meeting at the PHILLIPS 66 – Bayway Refinery. More than 25 members attended. The tour began with introductions, including a one-hour overview presentation on PHILLIPS 66 and the Bayway Refinery. Following was a driving tour of the refinery where attendees viewed major plant units, the waterfront, and control center. A 30-minute Q&A session closed the tour.

    Professional Development Hours were issued to attendees upon request.

    About the Refinery:
    Standard Oil Trust began building the refinery in 1907. After nearly a year and a half of construction, the first oil was processed on 2 January 1909. Bayway has operated continuously since that day more than a century ago. The Bayway Refinery, located on New York Harbor in Linden, N.J., processes mainly light, low-sulfur crude oil. Crude oil is supplied to the refinery by tanker, primarily from the North Sea, Canada and West Africa. Bayway refining units include one of the world’s largest fluid catalytic cracking units, two hydrodesulfurization units, a reformer, an alkylation unit and other processing equipment.

    The refinery produces a high percentage of transportation fuels, such as gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel, as well as petrochemical feedstocks, residual fuel oil and home heating oil. The facility distributes refined products to East Coast customers via barges, trucks, pipelines and railcars. Bayway also has a 775 MMLB/Y polypropylene plant.

    ISA St. Louis Section announces 2016 Annual Golf Outing

    Wednesday, 8 June 2016
    1 p.m. shotgun start, dinner and awards to follow in clubhouse
    Pevely Farms Golf Club
    400 Lewis Rd.
    St. Louis, Missouri 63025

    ISA’s St. Louis Section is pleased to announce its 2016 Annual golf Outing. Bag valet service, locker room service and the driving range are provided for the event. The driving range will be available before the start of the tournament. Beer, soft drinks and water are included while on the course. Dinner will be held in the dining room at the clubhouse. In addition to recognizing the day’s top golfers, the section will also extend its appreciation for the 2015-2016 program sponsors during dinner.

    Door Prizes and Awards
    Donations for raffle drawings and tournament awards are always welcome and they will be distributed after the evening meal. Contributing companies will be acknowledged when prizes are awarded, so please identify your company’s name on each donated item.

    Mark your calendars now for this great June event and get your registration completed early to take advantage of the early bird specials!

    Register online at www.isastl.org
    Go to the “Events” section
    Then look for the “Special Events” area

    Mail registration and check to:
    St. Louis Section ISA
    c/o Mike Unterreiner
    3 Fall Crown Ct.
    Fenton, MO 63026

    Please note that that early bird discount options are available!

    Dutch water sector enthusiastic about ISA 62443 cybersecurity training

    Beginning on 9 September, a three-day cyber security training on the Dutch water sector was conducted in The Netherlands. Drinking water companies from all over the country were present. Some 25 delegates from both operations and the process automation domain participated. Besides the two-day ISA 62443 Cyber Security Fundamentals Specialist training, a third day was dedicated to address practical issues as well as specific situations relating to the water sector.

    The training was hosted by ISA training partner Hudson Cybertec in The Hague. The event began with a warm welcome by Marcel Jutte, the ISA Netherlands Section President. Afterward, a hacking demonstration engaged the participants, showing how easy it is to manipulate some of the ICS components that are widely used in the Dutch drinking water sector.

    The demonstration drove home the importance of taking the necessary cybersecurity steps. After a comprehensive introduction of the ISA99/IEC 62443 standard and topics concerning risks, vulnerabilities and threats, the remainder of the first day focused on security levels, zones and conduits, as well as network basics.

    The second day of the training concentrated on cybersecurity management systems and the design of secure systems. During several plenary sessions, participants could participate at a technical track or an organizational track, depending on their professional needs. During the lunch breaks, there was ample opportunity for the participants to network and share experiences with their peers from the water sector.

    The last day of the training, tailor-made to fit the specific requirements of the drinking water sector, started with plenary sessions that expanded on earlier introduced topics. Afterward, there was a recap of the complete lifecycle, putting even more emphasis on the added value of the ISA 62443 standard. The new ISA training modules, IC33, IC34 and IC37, were introduced as well.

    The day ended with another hacking demo in a new setting, with security measures implemented to improve results compared to the initial situation. At the completion of the event, many participants expressed that the training boosted their cybersecurity knowledge significantly. All returned home with ideas on how to improve cybersecurity at their respective companies.

    ISA Netherlands Section boost security and safety during themed event

    On Thursday, 23 April, the ISA Netherlands Section organized an informational evening focused on safety and security. The ISA84 and ISA99/IEC 62443 standards were introduced and their practical usability was explained to a mixed audience of students and new members, as well as long-term ISA members.

    Hosted by the Avans University of Applied Sciences in Hertogenbosch, the evening began with remarks by the ISA Netherlands Section President Marcel Jutte. Jutte introduced the ISA organization and its membership benefits. After that he provided an explanation why standards are needed and their industry importance.

    Ton Maas from the Team High Tech crime of the Dutch National Police introduced the structure of the Team High Tech Crime and explained it works with the industry to protect industrial automation. Among other responsibilities, the team investigates security breaches and attacks on industrial automation installations and gathers reliable forensic data in order to find and prosecute attackers. Maas explained how companies themselves can support Team High Tech Crime by making sure that no valuable information gets lost after a security breach or security incident in the ICS environment.

    ISA cybersecurity subject matter expert Arjan Meijer of Hudson Cybertec took the audience on a guided tour through the ISA99/IEC 62443 security standard. The most important differences between IT and OT were clearly explained. In addition, Meijer covered the practical issues that companies encounter in ICS security in relation to the foundation of security, technology, organization and people.

    Meijer also discussed how the ISA99/IEC 62443 standard can help organizations everywhere in the value chain, from designing and validating secure systems, and developing secure components and systems to leveraging cybersecurity management in order to stay ahead of cyberthreats. The tour ended with suggestions on how to get started using the ISA99/IEC 62443 standard.                          

    While the sun was setting, Kees Bergenhenegouwen at Siemens elaborated on industrial security and ISA84, explaining how industrial security and process safety interact with each other. After an introduction of the market trends and importance of industrial security, he continued with the similarities and differences between industrial security and process safety.

    He then explained and compared the layers of protection within both the ISA84 and ISA99/IEC 62443 standards, their lifecycles, as well as their respective system integrity and security levels.  Bergenhenegouwen concluded with a short explanation of the initiatives that Siemens have developed to address industrial security from vendor side, to aid its customers.

    All presentations were well received by the audience and triggered many questions that were answered during the Q&A discussion session with the speakers. During the networking reception, the participants had ample opportunity to further discuss the topics with each other and with the speakers. Many returned home afterwards, inspired and full of new ideas on cybersecurity and safety.

    This themed event was made possible by the Avans University of Applied Sciences, which facilitated the evening, as well as the Team High Tech crime of the Dutch National Police and sponsors Siemens and Hudson Cybertec.

    logo Avans hogeschool