• ISA95 charts upcoming work

    The ISA95 standards committee, Enterprise-Control System Integration, made plans for activities on multiple fronts during a meeting in West Chester, Ohio, 12-14 October 2015. The meeting was hosted by Procter & Gamble.

    Much of the planning involved coordinating work with ISO/IEC Joint Working Group 5, which handles the review and development of the documents at the IEC/ISO level. Joint Working Group 5 is led by long-time ISA95 lead editor Dennis Brandl.

    The committee scheduled face-face meetings for 2016 as follows:

    • ISA95, 2-4 February, Dallas, Texas
    • Joint Working Group 5, 15-17 March, Rome, Italy
    • ISA95, 20-22 June, Andover, Massachusetts


    Attendees also reviewed a proposal for a potential working group and extension of electronic batch record management to the ISA95 committee.  The work would be based in part on ISA-95 Part 4 workflow and routing concepts combined with the ISA-88 Part 4 production batch record. The proposal will be developed further in the coming months.

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