• Smart Manufacturing and IIoT Division

    Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a very important technology affecting the field of Automation. IIoT is convergence of IT, OT and Communications. It deals with cyber-physical systems and has the power to improve manufacturing processes and outcomes significantly. Thus, it is an important contributor of the 4th industrial revolution.  

    Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS) play a very vital role in IIoT. In fact, IACS are the foundation on which IIoT systems operate. Conversely, all major areas of automation in industries are impacted by IIoT and which is a major contributor of Smart Manufacturing, which also connects with Supply Chain, retail, etc. and encompasses advanced robotics, additive manufacturing and so much more.

    Industrial Internet of Things has emerged as a major technology area and it has a big impact on industrial automation. ISA members need a platform dedicated to IIoT so that they can keep abreast of latest developments, reach out to experts and collaborate amongst themselves. This division is aimed at providing such a platform.

    Division Activities

    • Creation and collation of technical resources relevant to the division
    • Publish quarterly newsletter
    • Conduct webinars
    • Conduct annual symposium
    • Work together with Districts and Sections to promote and disseminate relevant information
    • Create various opportunities for Division members to collaborate and network
    • Liaison with other organizations working in Smart Manufacturing and IIoT


    If you would like to add this division to your ISA Membership at no additional charge, please contact info@isa.org



    Upcoming Events

    2020 Smart Manufacturing & IIoT Conference
    Moody Gardens Hotel
    Galveston, Texas, USA
    15-16 April

    This event will encompass topics regarding advances in connectivity, automation, and security within the operational context of hybrid manufacturing applications across multiple vertical industries.

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