• Technical Assembly

    The Technical Assembly is comprised of a Chair and Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents-elect of the following Departments:

    • Automation & Technology
    • Industries & Sciences
    • Standards & Practices

    The Technical Assembly promotes interchange of information, cooperation, and coordination of activities among technical departments as well as with the other Society groups. The Assembly provides budget oversight for all operational activities not covered by the Geographic or Operational Assemblies.

    Standing Committees

    Conference and Exhibit Oversight Committee

    Technology Search Committee

  • Committee Documents

    Committee documents are added as they become available. Some documents are for ISA members only and require that you log in to view.


  • Contacts

    Prabhu Soundarrajan

    Standards and Practices Dept VP
    Christian Monchinski

    I & S Department VP-elect
    Brad Carlberg

    Standards and Practices Dept VP-elect
    Dennis Zetterberg

    Donald Dunn

    Thomas Fiske

    Nicholas Sands

    Kimberly Belinsky

    William Furlow

    Charley Robinson

    A & T Department VP
    Graham Nasby

    I & S Department VP
    Graham Nasby

    Staff Contact
    Marty Edwards