The ISA Standards & Practices Department recommends policy and provides guidance for ISA standards and practices activities, including ISA staff and standards committees. The Standards & Practices Department is responsible for preparing and publishing ISA standards that meet ISA, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements for due process and criteria for approval. The Standards & Practices Department applies for and maintains ISA’s accreditation as an ANSI standards developing organization. Liaison and cooperative action is maintained with other organizations.

The Standards & Practices Department and its committees focus on the development, adoption, review and revision of various national and international standards of interest to Society members.

The Standards & Practices Department and standards committees coordinate and develop documents defined as follows:

STANDARD:  A document that embodies requirements that, if not followed, could directly affect safety, interchangeability, performance, or test results. In general, such requirements should already be widely recognized and used.

RECOMMENDED PRACTICE: A document that embodies recommendations that are likely to change because of technological progress or user experience, or which must be modified often once in use to accommodate specific needs or problems of the user of the document.

TECHNICAL REPORT:  A document that embodies informative material; for example, reports of technical research, tutorials, factual data obtained from a survey, or information on the “state-of-the-art” in relation to standard(s) on a particular subject.

Standing Committees

Standards & Practices Executive Committee

The Standards & Practices Executive Committee is authorized to act for the department between its regular meetings to carry out the policies of the department. The committee develops, reviews, and recommends proposed policies for department approval.

Standards Committees

ISA Standards Committees form the consensus bodies for standards developed under the ANSI Essential Requirements. Click here for a listing of ISA Standards Committees.

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